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5 Unanswered Questions We Have From Stranger Things

If the drop of the trailer for Stranger Things Season 2 has done to you what it has to us, you’ll be feeling quite upside down yourself right now. We’re talking riddled with burning questions, filled with theories and counting down the days til Halloween. Perhaps you’re thinking of binge watching the whole thing again in the pursuit of knowledge and some new perspective. Or maybe you’re just going to hang out and ponder all the possibilities. So before we talk about the boys dressed in prime Ghostbusters garb, let’s discuss just what we need to see resolved come Season 2.

And in case you reside in the Upside Down, here’s the trailer so you can keep up with our running commentary.

#1 Is Eleven Still Alive?

If the trailer is anything to go by everyone’s Eggo loving youngling will be back. But in what way and where? Will she be destined to live out her days in the Upside Down? Or perhaps she won’t be back and instead we’ll meet numbers 1 through 10 of Hawkins Lab’s powerful people. We’re betting the closely shaved pocket rocket will be back but in what capacity is yet to be seen. Hopefully Mike doesn’t have to attend the Snow Ball alone.

#2 Does The Upside Down Give Visitors Powers?

The flash of Will as he grasps the basin peering into the Upside Down and coughing up a lung (well actually a slug), is enough to scare even the most seasoned of sci-fi watchers. Although the tale centres around his retrieval, we’re yet to build a real connection with the boy who came back up from down below. Does the awful under bed give it’s visitors powers or are they infected? Season 2, you better tackle this quick smart before our mind gets the best of us.

#3 What Else Does The Hawkins Lab Do?

Beyond experimenting on children and seeking to mend the fabric of existence one Demagorgon at a time, what the hell goes on? Run by the CIA we can only guess this is just the tip of the alien infested iceberg. If Eleven’s plight is a sign of awful things that go on behind the densely protected facility, we expect it will be unsettling for show aficionados. And while we’re at it, what soul selling deal did Hopper make that earned him a creepy escort from the hospital? Department of Energy sure, but what kind of energy exactly? We want answers ASAP.

#4 What Did Hopper’s Daughter Die Of?

From the characterisation it seemed like a textbook case of cancer but a Reddit question revealed otherwise. During an AMA a poised Redditor asked David Harbour, who plays Sheriff Hopper, just what’s up with the illness. When asked if we would find out more about Sarah’s cause of death Harbour answered “Yes, but it’s a secret we may explore in [season two], so don’t wanna say right now.” Ominous enough to have us questioning, as we understood, in the first season to be one of the simpler storylines.

#5 Why Did Will Return And Barb Get Slugged?

Why was Will dropped back into reality while Barb met the creepy crawly fate? Does the Demagorgon have a certain taste or perhaps Will holds a certain utility? And as for the rest of them, the others who went missing with Dr Brenner noting six people have fallen prey to the Upside Down, what happened to them? While we’re trying to piece together just what makes Will so special and Barb so ill fated simultaneously, we deserve a little more information.

Halloween can’t come fast enough.

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