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5 Underrated Saturday Night Live Cast Members

Saturday Night Live is a factory for up and coming comedians. We have SNL to thank for Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler and everyone in between. But amongst the huge casts some gems slip through the cracks, here’s five of the most underrated cast members guaranteed to make you laff.

#1 Rachel Dratch

Present in the cast from 1999-2006 Dratch is a hero in every skit she’s a part of. There have been articles about her appearance trashing hopes of a Hollywood career, but her humour goes well beyond Hollywood beauty conventions. Her turn as Harry Potter on a press junket with hero Tina Fey is pure fire.

#2 Kenan Thompson

The man of your Nickelodeon childhood dreams, Kenan of Kenan and Kel fame is a SNL staple. Joining the team in 2003 and still present Kenan is a source of constant animated facial expressions and absurd laughter. So much more than his love for orange soda.

#3 Maya Rudolph

From 2000-2007 Maya commanded the Saturday Night Live stage, taking her turn as Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Michelle Obama and Oprah. For a woman with such great comedic timing, where was her spinoff movie? A total robbery. Maya returned in 2014 to reprise her role as Beyonce, oh bey-bey. Missed you Maya.

#4 Jay Pharoah

Jay Pharoah isn’t so much underrated as he is a rising star. Sure you may not have heard of him yet but he’s sure to be big soon. His impressions are uncanny, Yeezy, Jay Z, Drake, Biggie and Obama all make an appearance. We have Saturday Night Live to thank for his Thanksgiving Rap, it will have you wanting to celebrate this holiday here in Aus.

#5 Molly Shannon

You may have seen her pop up in almost every comedy you’ve seen in your wonderful life but Molly Shannon has always played a supporting role. She’s especially kooky and plays that nutty woman repeatedly but she’s ace at it so why not. Watch her turn as a dog show host below, cameos from Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and adorable pups make it even more enjoyable.

Image source: NBC

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