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5 Underrated Splendour Acts You Need To Show Up Early For

Worth leaving the campsite for.

With the lineup this stocked it’s easy to get blinded by the star power and forget those listed on the bill (albeit in smaller font). As a tastemaker in the Aussie music industry, with a global footprint in selecting up and comers, we have no doubt the selection for these newbies is no less arduous than chatting things over with Kevin Parker and co’s management. Here’s our picks for the next big things courtesy of the well tuned ears of Splendour in the Grass’ fine curators.

#1 Hatchie • Friday 19th July • 1:45pm

Hatchie treats early-bird Splendy goers at the McLennan with superrrr airy dance-pop feels. If like us, you’re overwhelmed at the barrage of Aussie talent of late, Hatchie is likely to warm your soul and ready your feet for a weekend of aural bliss.

#2 Tones & I • Friday 19th July • 12pm

This year’s Triple J Unearthed Splendour act is Tones and I, and goshhhhh this is a must-have addition to your Splendour planner. If you are (tragically) missing out on Thursday evening’s antics, be sure to kick off your three day Splendy expedition at 12pm in the Amphitheatre.

#3 Kaiit • Friday 19th July • 2:45pm

My favourite underrated Splendour artist thus far, is Kaiit. From humble beginnings in Melbourne’s inner city, Kaiit is well and truly making her mark in the world of Rnb and future-soul. Red Bull Music named her one of the best rappers under 25 and she’s selling out tours across Aus and NZ left, right and front centre.

At only 21, Kaiit will ease you into your Friday eve antics with her highly sought over Rnb sounds.

#4 Donald’s House • Saturday 20th July • 3:30pm

Donald’s House are two brothers from Melbourne serving up early 90s house dance music…need I say more? With groovy basslines and ‘groove-oriented EDM’, this brotherly duo will undoubtedly have you on your feet (slash gumboots).

#5 Erthlings Sunday 21st July • 12:30pm

Bringing indie-pop vibes built on largely electronic and live sounds, Erthlings are definitely going to make for some chiller music as you attempt to soldier on through day #3.

These girls started writing songs when they were just 9, and now aged 16, they’ve just dropped a dooooozy of a track with Basenji.

Image source: Life Without Andy, Youtube. 

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