5 Unexpected Organisations In Support Of Marriage Equality

The marriage equality postal vote is full steam ahead. Yesterday forms were sent out to houses across the country, so now is the time to make your decision. If you haven’t already – and I do not recommend watching – seen the ‘Vote No’ campaign on TV, have faith that there are a vast majority of Australian organisations campaigning the yes vote. Of course you’re expecting to see Ben & Jerry’s and Qantas on this list, however just like our conservative Prime Minister, these are some of the more unexpected marriage equality supporters.

#1 InterContinental Hotel Groups

One of the leading hotel groups of Australasia has added its voice to the call for equal rights for all Australians, listing itself as a corporate supporter of Australian Marriage Equality. IHG’s CEO of Australasia and Japan, Karin Sheppard said, “Equality simply makes sense. With the Australian Marriage Law Survey now confirmed to go ahead, we felt this was an important time to add our community message of support for a social issue that speaks to our belief about equality.” She believes this vote is bigger than just a political issue but rather a social issue, that speaks to belief about diversity, equality and inclusion.

#2 National Rugby League

Just two days ago, the NRL, one of the largest sports organisations in Australia, came out in support of marriage equality. A plea from Ian Roberts, a former international player, wrote to head of the organisation Todd Greenburg saying “don’t miss this moment in history”. Since this plea, Greenburg has stepped out and said that one of the key pillars in Rugby League is inclusivity and the game has a duty to back up it’s policy with action. Exciting times for Australian sports, finally embracing equality as the forefront of this nations future.

#3 The Australian Christian Student Movement

Yep, that’s right, one of the largest religious student organisations in the country is behind marriage equality. The ACSM has written an extensive statement saying that civil marriage should be a reality to all Australians, without regard to gender. They are opposed to the marriage plebiscite, stating that it’s a “flawed system”, however the support of such a significant organisation that traditionally possesses conservative values is vital. Despite being against the plebiscite, they are still encouraging people to participate and tick that yes box.

#4 Commonwealth Bank

When it comes to supporting good causes, CommBank is often viewed as the Aussie devil. However, in solidarity with their loyal customers, they have been one of the forefront Australian companies along with Qantas and Telstra to get marriage equality on the political table. Despite no release of a formal statement, they are listed as one of the major companies in support of marriage equality and no doubt their CEO will be participating in the plebiscite.

#5 Heather Ridout

Okay, so she isn’t a company or an organisation, but she is the head of one. The CEO of the Australian Industry Group is in total support of marriage equality in Australia, despite being shut down multiple times by everyone favourite Peter Dutton. “I don’t see gay marriage as a radical agenda; it’s very relevant to many Australians”, she states on the Marriage Equality website.

Image Sources: Star Observer, NRL, Colosoul Magazine.

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