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5 Upbeat Funny TV Shows You Can Binge Watch On Netflix To Banish Your Isolation Blues

With all the new, inconsistent and flat out draconian quarantine measures being taken by our government right now, it’s no surprise that everyone is starting to lose their minds. The isolation blues are REAL, and only get worse with every passing day that you don’t get to wind down with some mates or have some fun time outside.

I know it’s rough, but don’t worry – the one perk of staying at home is that you have endless time to binge watch TV shows, and that’s totally an acceptable way to get that daily dose of serotonin IMO.

Here are all the funniest, most up-beat TV shows on Netflix right now so you can cheer up and rid yourself of the isolation blues. Plus, they’ve all got enough episode for a proper binge fest.

#1 Community

Community is actually the perfect binge for when you’re feeling the self-isolation depression, and my fave sitcom of all time (well, the first three seasons anyway). It’s sharp, witty and and totally has a  zoomer humour vibe, despite the first season coming out in 2009. Like, this is the show where this iconic GIF originated:

It’s got the same wacky shenanigans as Brooklyn-99, but it’s wittier and less serious. Any B-99 fans will def like Community. On top of all that, it also has some great isolation adventure inspo – blanket forts anyone?

#2 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the hilariously up-beat, optimistic, full-of-sunshine show that you’ve been waiting for. It’s a guaranteed mood-booster, because Kimmy Schmidt’s constant perkiness is totally contagious and will evaporated your isolation depression.

It basically follows Kimmy Schmidt, a girl who was kidnapped and imprisoned by a doomsday cult for 15 years before escaping and becoming a nanny for an upper-east side socialite. It’s got really ridiculous yet loveable characters, and things seem to work out no matter how absurd and stupid the predicament is – so basically, just what we need right now. Plus, it has this guy – perhaps the funniest sitcom character, ever.

#3 Parks And Recreation

Considering what an actual joke our politics have been in this country lately, a little political satire is great right now. Parks and Rec is pretty iconic, and all of it is on Netflix right now for your binge-watching pleasure. It follows Lesli Knope, an aggressively wholesome and well-meaning government employee who keeps trying to do good things for the community even when no one else gives a shit.

The show is pretty hear-warming, and one of the best things about it are the characters, who are all super quirky and likeable. There’s so many iconic GIFS from this show, you’ll recognise half the scenes. Rumour has it Parks and Rec won’t be on Netflix for long, so the time to binge watch is now.

#4 The Good Place

The Good Place is wholesome AF from the get-go, and manages to be funny and light-hearted while at the same time throwing in some deep philosophical lessons without ever feeling heavy. It’s main character is Eleanor, a bad person that dies and accidentally ends up in The Good Place. It’s super fun to watch her be a total bully, but also start to think twice about her behaviour.

Throw in a bunch of super charismatic (and stupid) supporting characters, and it’s a guaranteed good time. It’ll make you feel better about yourself, others and everything else – even if it makes you wonder if this is the Bad Place.

#5 Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin is SUCH A WHOLESOME SHOW. It’s about a woman who accidentally gets artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant (sounds weird I know), and then has to navigate her life and relationships afterwards. The show is a bit of a rom-com satirical tele-novella and also very worth the hype.

The first season has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is critically acclaimed – it’s a guaranteed good watch for those of you that are picky about the quality of what you binge watch.

So, what’re you waiting for? Go immerse yourself in some wholesome TV shows and melt away your isolation blues.

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