5 Venues Keeping The Music Alive In Sydney

Though Sydney’s nightlife currently has a bad rep, it doesn’t mean there aren’t venues fighting to keep the music scene alive. And, though well established venues host the international artists, it’s the smaller venues who (despite the harsh environment) are giving newcomers to music a platform to showcase their sound. The following venues aren’t the only ones fighting the good fight, but are instrumental (of course the pun is intended, you’re welcome) to providing a vibrant nightlife.

#1 Hibernian House

Fancy a house residence gig that has hosted Montaigne and Gordi at the beginning of their careers? Hibernian House is a beautifully intimate venue situated in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Giving off an art-deco vibe, it’s a great date destination for music lovers. Tieing into the charm of Hibernian House, most artists who play the venue fall into the realm of breezy acoustics and subdued chillwave electronica –  both perfect for an easy night out.

#2 The Newsagency

Unassuming at first, you may have walked past this venue without knowing it was a live music space tucked out of view. Located in the Inner West, The Newsagency proclaims to be the smallest live music venue in Sydney; perfect for any emerging artist who wants to trial a live show. Here you will see everything from soul and jazz to experimental producers testing the limits of their genre. The best part, the venue is BYO so grab your favourite bevies, some mates and fall in love with your next favourite artist.

#3 Beach Road Hotel

Other than being one of the cleaner venues you will experience in Sydney, the Beach Road Hotel has undeniable charm exuding from within its walls. A huge open space welcomes you as you enter the second floor of this venue, where many EDM producers and local bands have played killer live sets over the years. If you have a taste for emerging talent Soseume on Wednesday night here is an endless tap of great tunes. Don’t even worry about an entry fee, all the shows here are free.

#4 Red Rattler Theatre

Brightening up the industrious Marrickville, the Red Rattler Theatre welcomes you with antique furniture, overtly red decal and a sense of warmth, a not so easily attainable vibe from other venues. As a not for profit venue, you really feel the passion for music here. As for the tunes themselves, prepare to dance to the best local indie rock acts or chill out on the lounge and sample what’s happening in the singer-songwriter space.

#5 Brighton Up Bar

It could be easily mistaken for another corner-side pub tending to the thirsty patrons but on the second floor of Brighton Up Bar you will find one of the busiest live music venues in the city. This 120 capacity room is constantly hosting artists from across the country, all for less than the cost of a standard drink. Having previously hosted the likes of Allday, Hockey Dad and The Gooch Palms, you’ll be spoilt by the quality of Australian artists who pass through this space.

Image source: Levy Photo, Life Without Andy, Yewth Magazine, Brighton Up Bar. 

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