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5 Ways To Revamp The Classic White T-Shirt

The classic white t-shirt walks a very thin and dangerous line. Either side of the street-style perfection tightrope lies, dare I say it, the risk of looking boring. The simplicity and subdued presence of the white t-shirt is both its downfall and its making. Quiet and unassuming, the subtle staple is the perfect companion to the bolder pieces of your wardrobe, and one that lets them sparkle and shine. Behind the most Insta-worthy of outfits is a timeless and versatile t-shirt. Here’s how to save your closet’s unsung hero from unimportance with some versatile styling tips.

#1 With Blazer + Jeans

If the white t-shirt is the backbone of your wardrobe, then the blazer is the brains and jeans are the heart. But enough with the anatomy analogies – if there was ever a look to take you from 9am at the office to the dwindling hours of the night, this is it. Clean and effortless lines teamed with monochromatic hues will never go out of style.

#2 Under A Slip Dress

Another classic, the slip dress, gets a well-deserved millennial update, curtesy of our old friend the white t-shirt. Slip your slip over the white tee, add some loafers or thigh highs, and voila! VOGUE is shaking in its boots. Bonus points for playing with texture – give silk or velvet a try for a point of difference.

#3 With Statement Pants

It is a well-known fact that a pair of bold and beautiful pants truly puts the ‘me’ in statement. Flared, vivid colours, textured or patterned, statement pants are the showstoppers that both need and demand the limelight. The simplicity of the white t-shirt masterfully balances the intensity, and let’s you shine.

#4 Tucked In

This is a look for days where all your mental and physical energy has been drained by work or life, and all one can stomach is choosing two items of clothing. The simple ‘tuck in’ possesses such transformative powers, that its effect is almost otherworldly. Slip the white t-shirt into your bottoms of choice and see your chic, flattering, and timeless outfit materialize. Stressless style.

#5 Tied Up

A little game of peek-a-boo never hurt nobody. Bearing in mind that less is always more, knot or twist that shirt up and show off a touch of skin. If flashing some flesh isn’t for you, pair the twist with some high-rise pants and pop an interesting belt for that added touch of style and adequate opportunity to accessorise.

Now whip that trusty white t-shirt from out of the back of your closet and get to experimenting. You’ve got some new looks to try…

Image Sources: Jack Foster, FITZROY Magazine.

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