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How To Stand Out At Diner En Blanc

Have you managed to score an invite to the most exclusive all-white event? ‘Diner en Blanc’ is an occasion where literally thousands of people gather together to hold the most blasé, elegant picnic in a public space. Only on the day, as you’re whisked away in a bus, do you find out where the event will be held (who doesn’t love a little mystery?). The hustle and bustle of it all can be quite chaotic, so we’ve generated a step-by-step guide to make the event as smooth sailing for all – whether you’re accustomed to it or a total newbie – so you can be the one to stand out amongst the sea of people dressed in white.

#1 Get Registered

To attend an event such as this, an invite will be your golden ticket, so unfortunately waltzing in or fence jumping is a no-go. With the 2017 Diner en Blanc already wrapped up, there are a few ways you can weasel your way to getting an invitation for 2018. There are three main phases of securing a spot:

Phase 1: If you’ve been before, you’ve already secured yourself a ticket for next year.

Phase 2: If you’re a newcomer and have seen posts blasted across your Instagram feed and want in, simply ask for a previous attendee to refer you for an invitation (which you’ll receive in this phase).

Phase 3: If you’re a total Diner en Blanc virgin, then register yourself on the waiting list. Do so early, to show your eagerness, and keep an eye out for an email closer to the event date.

#2 Pre-Plan Everything

Once you know you’ve got a spot secured, that’s when the real fun begins. Since you have to bring and prepare almost everything yourself, you need to make sure you do your homework (the fun kind). Pinterest will be your best friend. Get inspired, discover what type of look you want to go for overall – from how you’re dressed, to your picnic design. You’ll be given a list of all the essentials, so be sure to get everything you need in accordance with your style/theme in advance, so there’s no room for error (or items which you desperately wanted and can no longer find).

#3 What to Wear

At all-white events it can be pretty difficult to stand out from the crowd (literally!), so the best way to do so at Diner en Blanc, is to make a statement. Bonus: there’s usually a competition for best dressed.

Fellas, you could easily go for a simple buttoned-up dress shirt with white trousers, but you can take it up a notch. Opt for a white blouse with a subtle white print that gives it that little bit extra. If you’re totally brave enough, you could definitely go as crazy as you want with accessories (think hats, big glasses etc.)

Gals, designer labels aren’t always the key to making a statement – which is a common mistake many people make at this occasion. However, it’s not every day that you get to go to a big, extravagant, white picnic so the best advice is to go all out. There’ll be plenty of people in white, lace dresses. Think of something edgy and different. You can still look classy while simultaneously being bold.

#4 Table Set-Up

Just as there’s a prize for best dressed, there’s one for the best table arrangement. As you get there, you’ll get to set it up however you desire. Insta photos and hashtags will definitely become your best pals. For this part of the picnic, do your research and let the design of the set-up be a reflection of you. You could have twinkle lights, flowers, fancy or edgy picnic-ware – the sky is truly the limit. Think of how you want the design on the day and pre-design it. As for food: go big or go home is the mantra to go by.

#5 When You Get There

Follow your table leader, set up your table, eat your picnic food and have fun (you’ve earned it). This is an event that is recognised worldwide and the main point of it all is to have the best time you can. It may be your first of many Diner en Blanc’s or it could be the only one you get the chance to attend, so make the most of it.

Image Source: Diner en Blanc Sydney and Pintrest

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