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5 Ways To Declutter Your Life

The new year offers a great opportunity to clear out the “clutter” that plagued you in 2017. If last year felt too chaotic, these five tips for decluttering your life may help!

#1 Welcome Clarifying Energy

Bring as much of the natural world into your space as possible. Cacti plants are a great low-maintenance option while also providing tons of positive energy. Geodes and crystals are also a good option—they add a natural spark of colour to any windowsill.

Proper use of light is critical, especially after a long day under the fluorescent office lights. Expose your room to plenty of natural light. As evening approaches, use dim table lamps or candles for a softer feel.

#2 Practice Mindfulness

Cluttered mind = cluttered life. There is no way around this principle. There are many ways to declutter your mind, but it all boils down to mindfulness. To put it simply, mindfulness is about remaining in the present moment and letting go of distracting thoughts.

You can do this by brushing up on your Eastern philosophy (I recommend Benjamin Hoff’s Tao of Pooh), taking a yoga class, practicing deep breathing, or trying meditation. Even five minutes of intentional mindfulness in the morning can work wonders in eliminating chaos from your day and increasing productivity.

#3 Use An Agenda

Our lives are made up of the activities we engage in, so why not plan them with intention? At the start of every new year, I search for the perfect planner. It helps me exercise control over my schedule and my life. This sensation of order can work wonders on a cluttered mind.

Combination weekly / monthly planners are best. This allows you to view each month at-a-glance while also giving you space to map out each week. List out your daily activities in the weekly section, preferably by time so you can move down the list as the day goes by. Use the monthly spread to keep track of your appointments and meetings.

#4 Do Less

Decluttering your life involves keeping things in balance. Overextending yourself can throw everything off kilter, making your life chaotic. Take a look at that agenda we talked about. Are there any blank spaces? Times to relax? Times to laugh with friends, or do something you love?

Constantly being on the go, whether for work or charity or even for social events, will clutter your mind. Practicing saying no: this can save you from a ton of unnecessary stress. You don’t have to do every project, join every club, go to every party. Plan time to refresh your mind and spirit— a time to clear away the mental clutter!

#5 Have Fun Organising

Living a decluttered life has a lot to do with the aesthetic around you. Less clutter in your space means less clutter in your mind. While keeping your space organised can be challenging in our fast-paced world, it is definitely possible.

Take a quick scan of your bedroom. Are there piles of papers on your nightstand? Knick-knacks thrown aimlessly on top of your dresser? Mountains of wrinkled laundry you meant to fold last week? If anything in your space can be described with these three words—pile, stack, or stuff—it may be time to make a change.

Believe it or not, this can actually be fun! Organising your room doesn’t have to be a drag. Look into feng shui, or check out some creative DIY organizing projects. Above all, don’t give up. Everyone deserves a decluttered life, and everyone can attain it.

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