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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your NYE While Strapped For Cash

The new year is all about change, resolutions we won’t stick to and forgetting what a train wreck the year before was. New Year’s Eve however, is a night for parties and celebrations. But alas, we’re not all made of money and some of us can’t afford an extravagant night of celebrating. Just because you’re strapped for cash though, doesn’t mean you can’t still find fun ways to bring in the new year. Follow these tips for a fun New Year’s Eve on a minimal budget.

#1 Any House Party Invites?

Can’t afford to host a party at your place? Then it’s time to make friends with someone that can. Hitting up a house party means you won’t be celebrating the new year alone and you won’t be breaking the bank either. You’ll probably have more fun at a friends’ house than you will in a crowded club and will save money on alcohol by bringing your own and not paying for expensive drinks at the bar. Of course easier said than done, but if you have the option, probably a wise decision.

#2 Free Events In Your Area

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There are a lot of free events on New Years’ Eve, all you have to do is look for them. A quick Google search for your city will point you in the right direction. Whether it’s fireworks ran by the local council, a free gig at the pub or finding a secret little vantage point (seriously, do not underestimate the vibe of a NYE picnic with views), there’s something for everyone. Just make sure you get there early if heading out, so you get the best seat and avoid disappointment.

#3 Watch The Fireworks On TV

Want to stay in, avoid all the traffic, but still want to celebrate? HELLO TV FIREWORKS. Okay, so they’re not the most exciting thing ever, bu you won’t run the risk of missing anything, in fact, you’ll see them from every angle. You also won’t need to worry about ordering that last minute Uber because you drank too much, you’re already home. All you need for a good night in front of the TV are some cheap balloons and sparklers from your local bargain store to get you in the party mood, cheap booze and pizza. This will be you living your best (and cheapest) life. ‘Cause why potentially spend heaps of money and time on one regretful night to see live fireworks?

#4 Have A Games Night

Many of us just ain’t into the hype of the New Years cliché. But at the same time, no one wants to be riding solo one NYE (shout outs to all those who are.) So why not host a games night? They’re entertaining, damn bloody easy to setup and you’ll save money a plenty. Get your mates to bring their’s if the best game you have on offer is a broken Connect-4 setup, and the funnier the game the better. Cards Against Humanity is a given, or if that’s not your kind of thing and you have the patience for it, you can go a bit more traditional with something like Monopoly (maybe leave this till towards the end though to avoid emotions from the year coming out in the worst fashion.) Either way, it’s an easy solution that coupled with some wine, and a few mates, can be a great end to the year (great way to reminisce, too.)

 #5 Make A Time Capsule

Where do you see yourself in five years? Most of us don’t have an answer to that question, but what we do have is goals. Maybe they are to finish university, move overseas or find love. Write a letter about what you hope to achieve in the next few years, or find something sentimental and put it in your time capsule. Lock the box with a pad lock, put the key in safe keeping and open it on New Years Eve in five years time to see how much you’ve grown and how much you’ve achieved. Heck, you can even pick your own timeframe, maybe it’s just a one year capsule? They’re always a fun and honest way to celebrate on a minimal budget, and it’s good incentive to follow through with those resolutions. Maybe even couple this up with your games night and write them up as you go through the night? Whatever way you go, there are heaps of cash-friendly NYE alternatives.

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