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5 Ways To Make Time For Yourself When You’re Too Busy To Think

For many of us, 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough. I mean, how are you ever supposed to fit sleeping, eating, working, studying, exercise, a social life, spending time with your S.O and seeing your family into your daily and weekly schedule?? Oh, wait, downtime, I forgot about downtime for yourself.

Unfortunately, it’s become so incredibly common for us to prioritise all aspects of life over our own needs, which ultimately leads to anxiety and stress. Something no one needs in their lives. So rather than fuelling the fire that is your hectic schedule, here are some ways to sneak in some well needed ‘me time’, when you’re too busy to even think about it.

Plan Your Week And Block Your Time

Buy a diary. Or actually monitor your time in your phone calendar. Work out your weekly schedule and amongst work, your social life and extra activities, find a 45 minute evening block and lock it in as your weekly R&R. Set a reminder on your phone 15 minutes before this period of time starts, so you don’t forget it of course. Turn these 45 minutes into a ritual of whatever you want it to be; a weekly home yoga session, a long bubble bath (bath bombs imperative), a walk with your pet or an investment into your new doco series.

Make The Most Of Your Travel Time

The morning commute is despised by many. The thought of conquering the day ahead is enough to send your head into a spin. Not to mention crowded trains and bus delays. Well, what if I told you that your travel time to and from work can be completely transformed into some quality ‘me time’? Transform your train journey into a meditation session. Download a guided app and take ten minutes out of your journey to simply breathe and relax. Or maybe you’ve been craving a little extra exercise. Get off the bus three stops early and walk the rest of the way to work or uni. The more consideration you put into this block of time, the more you will reap the rewards.

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Take Your Lunch Break

Whether you’re a studying full time student or full time worker, learning to actually take your lunch break is great step toward making more time for yourself. Eating lunch at your desk and trying to squeeze in a full meal whilst adhering to a project deadline is stressful to say the least. So teach yourself to take a step back from your workload and leave your desk for at least half an hour. It is a simple way to ensuring you’re getting in a little ‘me time’. Find a sunny spot outside and enjoy your meal. Bring along a good read or download a cheeky podcast and allow your mind to shut off from the stresses of the day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how reenergised and motivated you feel when back in the workplace.

Accept That You Wont Always Accomplish Everything

Before you even begin to start making time for yourself in the midst of your busy schedule, you need to try and let go a little. Let go of the anxiety of trying to accomplish everything you had planned for the day. Let go of the idea that you can accomplish everything solo. Allow the people around you to help you with certain tasks and you’ll immediately find that you will naturally create yourself time for, well, you. Understand how to waste less time online, and use the time you have, effectively.

Learn To Say No

If you truly want to stick to your plan of taking time out for yourself, a big step to take is learning to say no. You may have the idea of scheduled R&R time or maximising your lunch break in mind, but you break it cause you end up committing to a night out with your friend mid-week or meeting your new crush for a lunchtime coffee. Learn to be selfish and say no. If you feel like you’re cramming in these meetings and it’s simply interfering with your ‘me time’, then don’t do it. At the end of the day your mind and body will thank you and so will the person you made commitments to. There’s no point planning a catch up if you’re not even 100% present.

Have you been overcommitting yourself lately? Or feel like you’re always ridiculously busy? Both can make us feel super stressed, and no one has time for that. Read up on headspace’s guide to managing a healthy headspace, and see how you can start managing stress, rather than taking on way too much. And you’ll be back to your normal, amazing self in no-time.

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