5 Super Cheap And Fun Ways To Spend This Long Weekend

That don’t include hiding in your living room watching Netflix for 3 days…

Victorians – Grand Final weekend is finally here this weekend! WA, you get to enjoy an extra day off this weekend as well, celebrating The Queen’s Birthday! (Happy belated 93rd bday Liz.) As for ACT, NSW, SA and QLD, your time to shine comes the following Monday, with Labour Day and The Queen’s Queensland birthday (Liz, you have more birthday celebrations than an Instagram influencer on their 21st). So, now that we all finally get a long weekend, you don’t want to waste it! Here are some ideas to actually make this long weekend a good one.

Have A Weekend Away

Grab eight of your mates an hire an Airbnb for the weekend. If you split the cost of a house eight ways, you will be surprised how little the accom will actually cost you. Drinking, barbecuing and playing board games with all your friends for the weekend just sounds so bliss, doesn’t it? Places to consider: Newcastle, Blue Mountains, Mornington Peninsula, Barossa Valley, Fremantle, Cairns. ROOOAAAD TRIP!

Visit Your Fam

This may be the excuse you have been looking for to have a weekend at home with Mum and Dad or to go and stay with extended family. Recharge your soul with quality fam time.

Host A Grand Final Party

Invite all your friends over for a grand final viewing party. Whether that is the AFL or NRL grand final is completely up to you. Or actually, that’s up to the State or Territory you live in…. Hold your own sweepstake where all invitees put in $10 and pull a player/s out of a hat. Whoever pulls out the first point-scorer wins! Sportsbet who? Don’t know her.

Do Something You Wouldn’t Normally Do

Use the extra day in your weekend to go for a hike, catch a train somewhere random for a day-trip, read a book on astrology or spend the day baking. Whatever it is, do something you wouldn’t normally do on a regular weekend. Isn’t it just so exciting to be spontaneous?

Get Your Life Together

Use the long weekend as an opportunity to sort your shit out. You could get all of your assignments done, clean out your fridge, pantry or wardrobe, paint your walls, mow the lawn, do your taxes, do whatever the heck you need to do to get your life on track. This option is definitely not as exciting as drinking and watching the footy – but it is definitely more beneficial. (And better for your liver as well!)

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