5 Ways To Thank Mum This Mother’s Day Without Breaking Bank

We love our mums.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, Mother’s Day is on Sunday. And while coronavirus has got everyone feeling down, there are still ways that you can celebrated thank all of the great mums out there. Or, use Mother’s Day to say thanks to your step mum or another great female role model in your life, or even say thanks to dad if he has played the role of both mum and dad while you’ve grown up.

Considering a lot of stores are still closed, and money is kinda tight, finding the ‘perfect’ gift for mum this year might be a bit hard. So instead, here are 5 ways you can say thanks to the people who matter most to you.

#1 Give Her Some Flowers

Hopefully by now you know what your mum’s favourite flowers are, but if not, just choose a beautiful bunch from a flower shop. Or, if you want to do something a bit different, get her a cool indoor house plant, or if she has a garden, get her some seeds that you can plant together. There are so many different options for flowers or plants, and I’m sure any of them would bring a smile to her face.

#2 Cook For Her

Find out what her favourite meal is and cook for her. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or all three even! Treat her to a relaxing night where she doesn’t have to cook for everyone else. Even if you aren’t great at cooking, surely she’d appreciate the thought. Or suggest that you cook together and chat while you cook. If you need some simple ideas, try some of these recipes, or google your own.

#3 Plan A Movie Night

Get some movie snacks, put on mum’s favourite movie, find extra blankets and pillows, and set up the couch for the best indoor movie night ever. Build a pillow fort if you really want to (but don’t make mum pack it up after). Spending time together is a great way to show your appreciation for mum. Make the night special for her with her favourite movie. Mum and I are planning on spending the weekend watching season 4 of Workin’ Moms and season 2 of Dead to Me on Netflix this weekend – bring on the binge.

#4 Homemade Gifts

The list of gifts you could make for mum is endless. You could make her her own herb garden, a candle with her favourite scent (if she loves coffee, try this one), body scrub, or even some homemade brownies. We all know that a lot of shops are closed at the moment, do opting for a DIY gift for mum this year is probably your best bet. And she’ll love that you’ve put time and effort into the gift too.

#5 Zoom Dates

For me, this is the first year that I haven’t lived with my mum, so it’s a little strange to have to plan to see her. But I know that not everyone is able to see their mums this year with everything going on with coronavirus. So this is where we have to get creative. If your mum is self quarantining and isn’t wanting any visitors, you could drop dinner, flowers or gifts at her door and wave to her from the street. Or if mum lives in another state or another country, set up a Zoom/FaceTime call with her, and see if you can get flowers sent to her house. We’ve gotta do what we can to celebrate our mums.


Image source: Fox (The Simpsons), The WB (Gilmore Girls)

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