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5 Ways To Be A Tourist In Your Own City

It’s that time of the year where everyone seems to be either interstate at the beach, or overseas enjoying the cold weather. Many of us spend so much time deciding on where to go and pondering what parts of the world to see. However, it can be easy to forget what exciting things there are to see and do in your own city.

When you’re a fan of travelling, but other commitments or circumstances stop you from doing so, then being a tourist in your own city can be a great option. To help you discover what you might be missing in your own backyard, we’ve developed 5 ways in which you can have a holiday and become a tourist in your own city.

#1 Book A Staycation At Your Favourite Hotel

You know that hotel that you always see and think “I’d love a reason to stay there”? Well why don’t you? Save the money you would spend on travelling interstate and instead, splurge on a luxury room in your favourite boutique hotel. Either order room service and spend the night chilling out – or dress up in your best, snazzy outfit and head out for a night on the town.

#2 Take Your Camera Out And Head On A Local Adventure

Most travellers always take their camera with them everywhere they go. So why not do the same in your own city? There really is no time like the present to make a plan to spend the day with yourself, your camera and your hometown. Remember to look up – as you never know what you might find. We guarantee that by doing this you’ll fall in love with your city all over again.

#3 Play Tour Guide With Friends And Family

Instead of heading away, why not invite everyone to visit you so that you can play tour guide? Before they arrive, make an itinerary for each day they are visiting and jam pack it with all the classic tourist destinations, as well as visits to all of your favourite places too.

#4 Take A Tour Man and Woman Sitting on Bench

If you really want to be a tourist in your own city – then see your city how those visiting see it; by embarking on a local tour. Whether it be by bike, walking or bus – most cities offer tours that can focus on food, history or culture. Do a little research, and you may be surprised to find some great tours in your area.

#5 Take Mini Road Trips To Towns Or Cities Close By

If you’re still dying to get out of town, then why not book a road trip away to a nearby town? You’ve most likely passed these smaller towns on road trips to bigger destinations, but have you ever actually stopped to check them out? The beauty of these trips is that you’re never too far away from home so you can always take your time driving and exploring. You could even spend the weekend exploring more than one town on your road trip too. Get that map out and plan your route!

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