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5 Weird AF Netflix Docos That’ll Make ‘Ya Skin Crawl

When you’re weird AF and you know it, and you’re not afraid to show it, you’re gonna need to satisfy those creepy cravings. If you’re into weird docos that show off all sides of mysterious morbidity and mindfuck, Netflix has got your hook-ups. Don’t worry, no one is judging you, we’re into it too. Here’s the 5 weirdest Netflix docos that’ll get your skin crawling.

#1 Dark Tourist

Easy-going and easily-loveable David Farrier hosts this nomadic travel show which explores strange, weird and wonderful customs and beliefs. Ranging from South-East Asian funeral traditions to the world’s most violent haunted house, Dark Tourist will satisfy your obscure cravings and have you binge-watching the entire first season in a day (yeah, I did do that.) Farrier, along the way, speaks to every kind of human imaginable and even gains a little animal companion, Wayne the Chameleon, for a minute. If you’re looking for weirdness, Dark Tourist has got it sorted.

#2 Conspiracy

The title is a dead giveaway, (no pun intended.) Here’s your fix if you’re down for a sneaky conspiracy theory. If you’re sceptical about the first moon landing, or think the government may be hiding a race of Alien, you’ll wanna spend some time getting your own little theory sorted, with 12 episodes of this mind-boggling series. Hear from some seriously passionate conspiracists and decide for yourself. Believe me, you’ll be hooked from the get-go.

#3 Dark Net

While Dark Net may not be the gruesome fix you’re looking for, your creep senses will be sky-rocketing. Dark Net will have you rethinking the way you use the internet in just a couple minutes in. Focused on your digital footprint and exploitation on the internet, you may wanna switch to incognito next time you do a weird search. Each episode explores a totally different portion of the Deep Dark Web. If you’re prone to a bit of internet paranoia, you may wanna skip out on this one. It’s a big-time creep-a-thon.

#4 How To Clean Your Crime Scene

This’ll get your gore desires satisfied. Neal Smither runs one of the biggest crime scene cleaning companies, which he started after being inspired from that gross car scene in pulp fiction. Follow him and his team from all hours of the day and night run around to crime scenes and, well, clean up. It’s some real-life exposure to the aftermath of murder, hoarding and road accidents that may have you turning away from your screen. Highly recommend.

#5 Tickled

Tickled, another hit by New Zealand Journalist, David Farrier, is less morbid and more WTF. Tickled is a 1 hour and 30-minute doco that is pretty hard to watch, and equally as hard to look away. It explores the bizarre world of competitive tickling that exists globally. Whatever obstacles Farrier comes across, he won’t give up, no matter the legal threats and bullying that may arise. Tickled will satisfy your deepest fascination into a world you never thought you’d witness.

If it’s murder or conspiracies that TICKLE your fancy, there’s a variety on Netflix to sort you out. A quick word of advice? Maybe don’t watch these ones before bed.

Image Credit: David Farrier/Netflix

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