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5 Weird AF Netflix Docos That’ll Make Ya Skin Crawl

Creepy nights in? YES PLS.

When you’re weird AF and you know it, and you’re not afraid to show it, you’re gonna need to satisfy those creepy cravings. If you’re into weird docos that show off all sides of mysterious morbidity and mindfuck, Netflix has got your hook-ups. Don’t worry, no one is judging you, we’re into it too. Here’s the 5 weirdest Netflix docos that’ll get your skin crawling.

#1 Dark Tourist

You can’t go past this one if you love all things weird and wacky. Easy-going and easily-loveable David Farrier hosts this nomadic travel show which explores strange (but wonderful) customs and beliefs from around the world. Ranging from South-East Asian funeral traditions to the world’s most violent haunted house, ‘Dark Tourist’ will satisfy your obscure cravings and have you binge-watching the entire first season in a day (yeah, I did do that). Along the way, Farrier speaks to every kind of human imaginable and even gains a little animal companion, Wayne the Chameleon. If you’re looking for weirdness, ‘Dark Tourist‘ has got it sorted.

#2 I Am A Killer

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to sit down with a jailed murderer (if you’re reading this, you probs have), look no further than ‘I Am A Killer’. This series features profiles on death-row prisoners convicted of capital murder. Each episode, a prisoner recounts the events that led to their crime, they divulge their motivations and how, in hindsight, they view their actions. It’s a wild ride, and bound to make your hairs stand on end.

#3 Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator

Just watching the trailer sets me on edge. But I guess that’s how you react when you listen to the stories of victims and survivors. This documentary, by award-winning filmmaker Eva Orner, traces the dramatic rise of hot yoga founder, Bikram Choudhura, in the 1970s, and his disgraceful downfall in a torrent of rape and sexual harassment accusations made in recent years.

Yeah, it’s a doozy. But like any kind of documentary focused on cults (or cult-like phenomena) (i.e. the cult-exercise that hot yoga was), it’s creepy, and crawly, and will make you want to namaSTAY away.

#4 Rotten

Good luck ever eating again after watching ‘Rotten’. This docuseries does a deep-dive into food production to reveal a rotten underbelly. The series exposes corruption, waste, and the dangers behind our eating habits as globalising supply chains intertwine. From food fraud, to avocado cartels, and chicken farmers’ stock sabotage, it’s a crazy ride that’ll expose some unsavory truths that’ll make you really think about what you’re chucking in your trolley the next time you hit up a supermarket.

(Also, if you’re not good with blood and guts, you probably won’t want to watch the trailer. That’s it, proceed with caution, don’t say I didn’t warn you).

#5 Conspiracies

The title is a dead giveaway, (no pun intended.) Here’s your fix if you’re down for a sneaky conspiracy theory. If you’re sceptical about the first moon landing, or think the government may be hiding a race of Alien, you’ll wanna spend some time getting your own little theory sorted, with 12 episodes of this mind-boggling series. Hear from some seriously passionate conspiracists and decide for yourself. Believe me, you’ll be hooked from the get-go.


Whatever tickles your fancy – whether it’s murder or conspiracies – there’s bound to be something on Netflix that’ll sort you out.

But a quick word of advice… don’t watch these before bed.

Take that as your official warning before you fall down this creepy rabbit hole.

Image Sources: Twitter (Vanessa G-C @vanssa)

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