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5 Of The World’s Best Museums For A Hit Of Culture

Ah the beloved museum. You’re sure fired to at least been to one in your lifetime, and if you’ve done any travel through Europe you’ve probably been to plenty. Often, a love/hate relationship will be formed with a museum. They are filled with knowledge and history, but can often be way too big and get a little boring. So if it’s excitement, fun and engagement that you seek, and you wanna come across as super cultured at the same time, here are the top museums across the world you gotta get to.

#1 The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

If ancient history is your passion, then book your flights and get yourself to Cairo. Filled with some of the finest archaeological finds from Egypt, the museums also provides a rare opportunity to pop in and within minutes be standing face to face with Tutankhamen’s golden mask. The interior of the museum displays spectacular architecture, and displays the most overwhelmingly magnificent sandstone statues. Be sure to pick up a guide to enhance your experience.

#2 Museum Island, Berlin

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The UNESCO heritage listed site comprises of five conveniently adjacent museums, floating along the river Spree. Each locations hosts artefacts and art for anyone’s taste, from Islamic art to prehistoric treats and outstanding sculpture. And if you are after something a little more engaging and entertaining, head down the road to the DDR Museum. Technically not part of the island, you hear can relive the life of East German’s.

#3 Natural History Museum, London

Inside you will witness the evolution of mankind, the recreation of prehistoric animals and dinosaurs and even travel into outta space. The building itself is spectacular and the phase one entry will surely trip you out just a little. Get ready for a day filled with historic fun and trust me, you’ll come out feeling super cultured and worldly.

#4 The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York

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This museum has plucked the best works of human creativity over the last 50 000 years. The Met as it’s more commonly known is a powerhouse with the collection spawning over the America’s, Europe, Asia and Africa. Not to mention, your Instagram will be the height of jealousy after the photos you post from this beauty.

#5 The Gold Museum, Bogota

This is Bogota’s most famous museum, containing more than 55 000 pieces of gold and other materials from pe-Hispanic Colombia. Here you will immerse yourself in the Indigenous history of the first people of South America, with more than just artefacts on display but details of ancient cultural cemetries. Sure to open your eyes, or blind you with all the gold reflections.

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