5 Worst Fashion Trends Of The Decade, Ranked

Birkenstocks need to die.

The year 2019 is nearly over, the New Year is almost upon us, and so it’s time to reflect on all things “decade.” My fave topic right now is ‘the worst fashion trends of the 2010s’. And oh boy, there were so many. SO. MANY.

Alas, I could only pick five – so here’s my narrowed down list of the top worst fashion trends of this decade, and I know all of you are guilty of wearing at least one of these.

#5 Socks With Slides

Okay, so when my South-East Asian family do this they look straight outta the motherland, but when a white kid wears socks with slides it’s trendy AF? Miss me with this BS, socks and slides belong in my Pakistani bathroom and nowhere else.

#4 Sneaker/Heel Combo

I almost bought into this trend. Almost. What look were we trying to achieve with this abominable combination? Laid back and chill, but still FASHUN? A bit of that “I’m not like other girls” vibe? Or is it the opposite – taking T-Swift’s iconic “she wears high-heels, I wear sneakers” lyric and merging it to show that actually, all girls are great? You know what, suddenly I’m slightly more sympathetic to this look.

#3 Brightly-Coloured Skinny Jeans

You weren’t a real emo kid of the 2010s unless you owned a pair of neon skinny jeans at some point. Perhaps you wanted them from Hot Topic, realised your parents weren’t going to pay $50 shipping, and opted to hit up Jay Jays instead?

This was more of a thing in Tumblr emo/scene circles around 2010, but it really hit new heights when One Direction boomed. With the boys constantly being seen in coloured pants (honestly, watch any of their early music videos), this was every 1D fans Look. Every single one of you Directioners owned red skinnies and a navy blue/white striped shirt, don’t even lie.

#2 Birkenstocks

WHY ARE THESE A THING. Unless you are Jesus himself, I don’t want to see your nasty feet in these fashion atrocities. I’m not even sure if it’s better or worse to wear socks with them. They are genuinely the ugliest shoes I have ever seen or thought possible, and I’d sooner accept a pair of Crocs –  at least those don’t have a $100 price tag to mock you with.

(I just had a violent mental image of BirkenCrocs and now I want to die).

#1 Narrow Sunglasses

I will never understand the narrow sunglasses trend. I bought a cheap pair from Cotton On because I so desperately wanted to understand this look, but I just couldn’t. It doesn’t make sense. You look like you’re from The Matrix, or like an alien who’s not quite sure what the purpose of sunglasses is.

This takes the top spot over the deeply loathed Birkenstock, because at least you could attempt to argue some practical virtues of leather sandals. Why, in the living hell, would these tiny sunglasses have ever been interesting in any way? Delete them, please.

Image Sources: ASOS, Amazon, Twitter @AndySmith_31081

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