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5 Young Aussie Comedians For Guaranteed Laughs

Thanks to the magic of Facebook we’re bombarded with skit videos, viral rants and infectious laughs day in and day out, but what about those behind the humour? Talented jokesters and raucous individuals, we’ve tapped these five comedians who are killing it in their own right, as the next big things. So push that Netflix comedy special to one side and laugh a little closer to home.

#1 Alan Tsibulya

Man of many faces, Alan’s humour knows no bounds. You’ve surely enjoyed his videos before, from Rich Kids of Sydney to Shit Customers Say and every relatable take on life in between. The 20 year old Sydneysider has amassed a huge following but will debut his standup show at Sydney Comedy Festival this May, given his knack for wigs and brooding looks we’re sure it’ll be a hit. Get your ticket to laughter here.

#2 Demi Lardner

Pint-sized talent of self depreciating wonder, Demi’s sets are truly raucous. Her jokes know no bounds and she is often the willing punchline. Turning everyday fodder into curling across stage or wonderfully voiced mimicry, this 23 year old is one to watch. She’s already racked up awards from Melbourne to Edinburgh so now’s your chance to catch her on the cheap, come May.

#3 Ciaran Lyons

A guy taking on adulthood the only way he knows how, comedy. Ciaran Lyons is a 20 year old man of the people, he’s on of us you know and his larrikin takes make you laugh a little heartier each time. From awkward parental humour to playful work bullying Ciaran’s deadpan is like no other. Debuting at the Sydney Comedy Fest, make sure to get you hands on this hot ticket.

#4 Cameron James

Not just a stand up comedian, Cameron is also a self-confessed ‘podcast weirdo’, in which he and his cohost review a Mike Myers film each show. Seriously, it’s called MikeCheck. From Austin Powers to Wayne’s World, the result is a cult hit with Hamish Blake appearing in the podcast dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of Wayne’s World. Cameron’s humour makes you feel relaxed, he jokes with such ease and innuendo of a man far more seasoned on stage. He’s opened for greats like Akhmal and Dave Hughes, but his solo comedy hour is set to be a treat. Grab your tickets here.

#5 Baby Boy Bolognese

A talented troupe of comics bringing humour to Youtube like no other. Parodying Bill Shortbread, sorry Shorten in an epic montage video of beer slugging and political meet and greets. Baby Boy Bolognese are a creative bunch, crafting shows of pure absurdity and metaphorical humour to no end. The result? A growing fan base of adoring oddities across the country. Catch their latest offering eSports Dog at Sydney Comedy Festival, we can only hope it’s as fantastically strange as it sounds.

Image source: The Daily Telegraph, Alan Tsibulya.

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