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5 Young Speakers at TEDx Sydney To Keep Your Eye On

TEDx Talks are those things we turn to when we need a kick in the arse. They are the perfect go to when we are seeking some advice, inspiration or even a little extra knowledge. TEDx Sydney is happening today in Darling Harbour, featuring a multitude of brilliant speakers. If you couldn’t fork out the 200 bucks to attend, there is no need to fear, we’ve got you covered. You can seek the ultimate wisdom from these five young Aussies on various platforms of the interwebs.

#1 Mariam Veiszadeh

She was named Woman of the Year by Daily Life and is a proud Advocate and Social Commentator against racism, sexism and xenophobia. Mariam was born in 1984 in Kabul during the Soviet War and was granted asylum in Australia, with her family, in 1991. Her voice is powerful and her fight to “change the world” is commendable. But her advocate actions have not always been accepted. She has been scrutinised and a victim of online hate, but that hasn’t stopped her. You can check out her inspiring work via her blog and various social media channels. As well, she has an enlightening talk on Islamaphobia at Monash University.

#2 L-FRESH The Lion

He is an artist like no other, L-FRESH The Lion has quickly become renowned for his powerful presence and inspiring live shows. He delivers unique hip-hop music which has a deep influence from his cultural roots of Punjab, India. His lyrics resonate with themes of racism and prejudice, and he has dedicated himself to working within his community of Western Sydney, tackling many social justice issues. He is more than just a musician, he is an advocate, using his medium to deliver his message. You can find all of his music on his website plus he has a TEDx talk in Parramatta about self-creation through hip-hop.

#3 Jordan Raskopoulos

Best know as the leader singer of The Axis of Awesome, Raskopoulos is also a comedian and digital content creator. Coming out as transgender in 2016, she has become an inspiration to young LGBTQIA+ people and through humour she uses her public platform to raise awareness and understanding about issues faced in the community. Basically, she is bloody hilarious and you should definitely check out her podcast This Is About, digging deep into issues that matter through using examples of stuff that just happens to people.

#4 Scott Griffiths

He is a National Health and Medical Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. In a world where #fitgirls bombard our Instagram feeds, a rise in eating and body image disorders are at an inevitable increase. Griffiths is dedicated to researching these issues and how masculinity, femininity and stigma add fuel to the fire. He has received multiple awards and distinctions, and he is one powerful and intelligent voice to listen to. You can check out some of his research online as well as his general thoughts at the Young Men’s Health Forum.

#5 Airling

She is one of the performers at this year’s TEDx, and of course she is because she is one of the most talked about young artists in the Aussie music industry. She has already toured with multiple festivals across the country, with her transcendent vocals something you want to tune your ears to. You can access all of her music online, plus if you’re lucky enough to be heading to Splendour this year, she was the winner of their Triple J Unearthed competition, so you will definitely be able to catch her there.


Image Source: University of Sydney

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