5 YouTube Clips To Help You Cook Like A Chef

Mastering a meal that’s edible never lone delicious is not as easy as it seems. Years of playing Diner Dash, Cooking Mama and watching Masterchef had us lulled into a false sense of security. How hard can that snow egg really be? Surely pasta cooks to the bottom of the pan for everyone, right? Alas, we have the solution. We’re here to help you cook like a chef. Here’s 5 YouTube cooking clips to whip you into soft peak shape in no time.

#1 How To Master The Basics

Everyone’s favourite fiery chef stops his blazing taunts to teach you the basics of cooking. From dicing onions to cooking your pasta to the perfect al dente, Gordon shows you the ropes in an easy to absorb manner. Say goodbye to stodgy rice and hello to simply tasty dinners.

#2 How To Be An Incredible Tosser

The ever playful Brit takes cooking novices step by step through the process of being a tosser, just like him. To get that ideal sauce to pasta ratio or salad layered evenly, the toss is where it’s at. It may seem simple, but this lesson will save you from splattered floors and let you show off next time you have guests. Agitate that pan like you mean it.

#3 How To Do Your Eggs Right

The staple of any good breakfast, the humble egg. It’s not as simple as crack and serve, unless you’re downing protein at an alarming rate. Masterchef alumni Andy Allen takes you through the less than tasty ways to cook your eggs and the simplest of best practices. Microwave no more, you can have a light, fluffy scramble in ten seconds. Think you can’t poach your own eggs at home? Think again.

#4 How To Make A Cult Favourite

As the burger wave sweeps this fine sunburnt nation, it’s important to have the tools and know how to craft your own work of art at home. The In N Out burger is the piece de resistance of any bun loving fan, and this vid takes you through it’s artful craft step by step. You better make extra, it’s sure to go down a treat.

#5 How To Up Your Taco Game

Put the poorly distributed topping laden nachos to the side, you can make quality Mexican all by yourself. Andy takes you through the process start to finish, where the end game is a brisket filled delight. This one tastes a lot harder than it is to make, so be sure to wield it as your dish to impress. Yeah, I know how to slow pull.

Image source: Tata Cliq.

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