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6 Litres Of Prosecco? Wine Not: Aldi Strikes Yet Again

Aldi strikes once again with their notable success in the liquor department. This time, they’ve announced the release of a 6 Litre bottle of scrumptious Prosecco and BOY we’re excited. Named after the biblical figure, Methuselah, this is definitely something to get behind. This shit is going to beat the passion pop that’s been sitting in your fridge from last week and is probably flat now.

Sources tell us the flavour will be rich in lemon zest, tangerine and pear, meaning it’s going be a definite hit at this years Christmas party. Still not sold?

The bottle is equivalent to a whopping 64 glasses of the bubbly goodness, so you’ll be set to host pre’s (or you can demolish the bottle to yourself, but definitely wouldn’t recommend that in one sitting). The bubbly goodness is going to set you back $130 but hear us out. Our quick calculations tell us that means it’s just over $2 per glass. Need I say more? If you’re a savvy shopper, this one’s for you.

Hold that thought though, this prosecco is hitting shelves November 14th. So get your champagne flutes ready (or ceramic cups, whatever floats your boat.) add this to your Christmas list, and invite your pals over for some serious classy pre’s come New Years.

Image Sources: Village Roadshow Pictures, HBO, 20th Century Fox

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