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7 Things We Learned From The Fyre Festival Documentary

If you’ve watched Netflix’s newest release ‘Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened’ you’re probably teeming with unanswered questions about the epic failure that was Fyre Festival. The whole debacle was the result of a lethal mix that ended in millions of dollars worth of debt, fraud allegations, a whole bunch of crazy and confused festival-goers, one guy imprisoned and one other guy permanently scarred for being told to “take one for the team” (a cover up for a questionably sexual deed). Could there really be any better explanation for the word ‘clusterf*ck’?

If, like us, you spent the weekend educating yourself on Fyre Festival and all that went to sh*t on Exuma Island then please, continue reading. Here are all the lessons we learned from this truly, educational journey.

#1 There’s a go fund me page for the unpaid caterer

Honestly one of the most tear-jerking parts of the whole thing was seeing caterer Maryann open up about how she was caught up in the festival and forced to pump out over 1,000 meals per day for festival-goers, all at her own expense. Maryann owns the restaurant on the island and each of the many caterers that were contracted under Billy Mc(dodgy)Farland worked in her kitchen, under her watchful eye. When everything went a-wall and Billy couldn’t be found, employees turned to Maryann for their pay…

The good news: A go fund me page has racked up more than $123k from a bunch of good humans making anonymous donations. In light of these donations we have restored our faith in humanity.

Find the link here:

#2 We’re obviously a bunch of suckers when it comes to celeb endorsements

Ok let’s be real, truthful and non-defensive here. The crux of the whole saga is that a bunch of celebrities posted the same mysterious orange tile on Instagram and everyone went wild and forked out hundreds of dollars to attend a festival with very minimal information…the lack of information and non-promo related photographs/footage of the festival was outweighed by the fact that the likes of Kendall and Gigi Hadid were behind it. Wow we really are suckers for a celeb endorsement. Capitalism wins, again.

#3 Money hungry white guys are really bad poster boys for legitimate things

Billy McFarland (aka Billy McF*cked up a whole bunch of people’s lives and didn’t even feel bad). Billy gave us a lesson in how to not fall for the sales pitch of an obviously money-driven, self-absorbed white guy who thinks he’s entitled to absolutely everything (including innocent people’s hope and livelihoods). Our view of Billy McFarland is summed up in one perfectly accurate line:

“It’s possible that by solving problems, we were just enabling them to continue creating this monster.”

#4 The unsung hero of the whole thing is this guy

We have nothing to say other than this guy takes “taking one for the team” to a whole new level.

#5 Tourism on Exuma Island is actually faring pretty well

The failure of Fyre Festival and the perpetual wrath of Billy McFarland hit the island extremely hard. Hundreds of Bahamians were asked to work day and night and when Billy realised the festival would be impossible to pull off with dwindling budgets, his questionably logical response was to hire MORE people.

Despite what was obviously a huge blow to the island’s morale, it seems those on Exuma Island are determined to keep business booming. A quick look at their Insta page and you’ll find it hard to overlook what made the island so attractive to festival goers in the first place.

#6 It took one millennial to launch the whole thing and another one to tear it all back down

Festival goers forked out up to $1,500 for VIP packages that promised them 5 star cuisine, but this was their reality. The original post was uploaded to Twitter just as hundreds of attendees were slowly realising what a sham Fyre Festival actually was. Moral of the story: Never settle for sliced, processed, plastic cheese, ever.

#7 Ja Rule claims he’s the real victim

Both Netflix’s ‘Fyre’ and Hulu’s ‘Fyre Fraud’ paints Billy McFarland’s sidekick and gateway into the celebrity network Ja Rule as a fraud (obviously). Since the release of the documentaries, he’s taken to Twitter to defend himself. Anyone who says they were ‘bamboozled’ has to be guilty, they just have to be.

Image Source: Netflix, Francisco Carmona Le Twitter, Mad Mars Girl Twitter, Exuma Island Instagram, Sammy Nadin Twitter, Ja Rule Twitter 

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