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8 Most Instagrammable Locations In Australia You Need To Visit ASAP

And ya don’t even have to leave the continent.

New year, new you. And although the pennies may be a little scarce following a big Chrissy and festival season, there’s still plenty to see and explore right here in the Land Down Under. From catching selfies with the ‘roos at Lucky Bay to sailing between islands in the Whitsundays, there are a whole lotta adventures to be had and photos to be shared. And having been named the world’s most Instagrammable country 2019 by Big 7, this list is only the tip of the iceberg.

So we’ve teamed up with our buds at Wild Kiwi Australia to bring you a handful of Australia’s most scenic spots, that’ll have you planning a big road trip across Oz in no time.

#1 The Blue Mountains, NSW


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Just a stone’s throw away from Sydney, the Blue Mountains is a sight to behold. With a similar feel to much of Tasmania, you can immerse yourself in true Aussie bushland. Hiking trails will lead you to picturesque waterfalls and epic viewpoints including the famous Wentworth Falls. The main spots are bustling with tourists but hike just a little longer for a serene atmosphere and an even better view.

#2 Fraser Island, QLD


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Fraser Island is a place of pure magic. Get in touch with the history of the land and discover some amazing natural lakes and rivers including Eli Creek and Lake Mckenzie. If you’re into photography, Fraser Island is also the perfect spot for some night-time shots. When the sky is clear, you can stare up at a multitude of stars and constellations, as well as witness bioluminescent plankton that will sparkle under your feet. This is one island you have to visit to embrace it’s true beauty.

#3 Whitsundays, QLD


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Known for having some of the whitest sand in the world, it’s hard for the Whitsunday’s to ever disappoint, whatever weather is thrown its way. When the sun is shining, the clear waters and reef with their bright turquoise hug will leave you in awe. It’s the perfect chance to try your hand at sea and sail from island to island checking out the marine life (of which there is plenty) and amazing beaches. Just grab your GoPro for those tropical underwater shots.

#4 Esperance, WA


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This desolate place is an Instagrammers heaven and is well worth the journey. Cape Le Grand National Park, just a little further than Esperance, provides those salty white beaches that Australia promises, but with a little something extra. You’re almost guaranteed to catch some kangaroo’s and wallabies chilling out on the beach. And it seems a few of them love the attention, too. You can’t really get more Aussie than that.

#5 Great Barrier Reef, QLD


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Yet another place where you’ll need that GoPro handy. The meeting point of the Daintree Rainforest with the vast Great Barrier Reef is something like nowhere else in the world. Take some photos from below the surface to catch turtles, coral, and fish or venture higher to make sure you encase the magnitude of the reef. Whether you jump on a seaplane or fly a drone from the sky, you’re bound to get that perfect shot to upload.

#6 Twelve Apostles, VIC


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After a trip down the famous Great Ocean Road, you’ll reach these incredible cliffs. And if you’re looking to capture Australia’s sheer natural beauty, the Twelve Apostles will be your money shot. Although actually being only eight, the huge limestone stacks add a little extra to your usual skyline shot and make an awesome background for a photo after a long road trip. Especially in golden hour, maximum likes.

#7 Karijini National Park, WA


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Embrace an entirely different perspective of Oz in Karijini National Park, which sits off the beaten track near Exmouth in Western Australia. Huge red rocks and gorges will tower over you, but look a little further and you’ll discover swimming pools that’ll cool you off throughout a long, hot hike. Oh, and not to mention heaps of photo opportunities along the way.

#8 Byron Bay, NSW


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Last, but definitely not least is the world-renowned Byron Bay. A small town in northern NSW where you can truly let your hair down, relax and party all at the same time. Take some snaps down at The Pass of the surfers (and give it a go yourself) or snap some action shots of the nightly drum circle at sunset. There’s something happening on every corner in this place and you’ll find it difficult not to take hundreds of pictures to look back on in years to come.

Lived in Australia all your life, but barely seen this amazing place? Join the queue. It’s pretty easy to forget how much there is to see in this big old continent, but our mates at Wild Kiwi Australia are here to help you check off that bucket list. They offer two amazing travel Australia packages that are perfect for a little getaway across the country (and wont destroy your bank account like a Eurotrip might!).

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