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Plans For An 80km Scenic Walk Along Sydney’s Coast Have Been Released, So Grab ‘Ya Joggers

Have you ever found yourself chilling in Bondi and thinking, ‘damn. I wish I could walk to Manly right now’. If you answered yes, then time to dust off your joggers, because friend, your prayers have been answered. Sydney’s iconic coastline is about to become a mammoth 80km scenic walk.

The 80km walking track is already being talked up as one of the most beautiful in the world. And stretching the whole length of Sydney’s foreshore from Manly to Bondi, it sounds like it will be. The multi day walk will take in many of Sydney’s biggest and best landmarks. You’ll be treated to indigenous history, First Fleet landing points, the Opera House, and the Harbour Bridge, as well as incredible views of Sydney Harbour.

The list of sights along the proposed walk is endless. From hot spots like Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Taronga Zoo, and Lavender Bay, I mean. Talk about a bit of bloody beauty.

Former Minister of Defence, John Faulkner, and old mate Kevin Rudd’s former press secretary Lachlan Harris are the masterminds behind the plans. The story goes that as a couple of casual joggers, they realised how much public land stretches along the foreshore. From there, they formed the Bondi to Manly Walk Supporters and developed plans.

Parts of the soon to be iconic walk already exist, but by linking them into one track, the possibilities for some incredible scenic strolls are endless. They also plan to have directions and sign postings along the way. This will let walkers know of the cultural and historical value of each location. So you’ll be working out the bod and filling your brain all in one.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Faulkner and Harris have said Destination NSW is on board. They’ve also received the thumbs up from NSW National parks, and all 6 councils the walk will go through.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Faulkner said, “It will be an unforgettable experience and I am certain it will become a must-do for walkers everywhere in the world.” And honestly, I agree.

If you’re a bit of a fan of a cheeky stroll, this is definitely gonna be one to add to your list. And if you’re looking for a fun way to get fit, jump on your favourite section and get going. Grab your mates, grab your dog, grab your fam, and get to walking.

Check out the website to learn more.

Image Source: Daily Telegraph

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