9 Different Types Of Hungover People You’ve Definitely Met (Or Been)

You’ve definitely encountered all of them.

Hangovers are one of the freaking worst, most annoying parts of life that we all have to deal with. For most people, there’s no escaping them – if you want to let your hair down on a Saturday night, you have to be prepared for the hungover Sunday morning that follows.

From the most dramatic hungover people to those annoying people who claim to be hangover-free, here’s every type of person you’ll encounter the next day.

#1 The One Who Get’s Violently Sick

This person spends the entire morning with their head in the toilet bowl. They will go completely off grid and won’t resurface until the following day. All they will eat for 24 hours is plain bread and I would recommend avoiding their crib, because it probably aint pretty.

#2 The Person Who’s Super Prepared

This person took hangover prevention pills before they started drinking, drank one glass of water to every alcoholic beverage the night before and has already stocked up on gatorade and bacon for the next morning. This person is superhuman and should be treated with caution.

#3 The One Who’s Ready To Go Again Straight Away

This guy wakes up the next morning and heads straight to the fridge for a hair-of-the-dog. They ask their mates, “should we get back on the beers again? Haha just kidding. Unless….”

#4 The Person Who Gets Super Emotional

Hangovers make some people really upset. This person will have a cry and a whinge about how awful life is, watch a few sad movies and then be right as rain again the next day.

#5 The Super Hungry Person

This person will order Uber Eats at regular intervals throughout the day. They will probably order super grossly over-the-top fast food items too, like double bacon cheeseburgers and mac and cheese balls. Oh and they probably finished up their night out with a 3am kebab that morning.

#6 The One Who Goes To Work Hungover

This person will get into bed at some ridiculous hour of the morning and have their alarm set for work at 7am. They will complain all day about how hungover they are and be an all-round pain in the ass at work, but proceed to do the same thing again the following week.

#7 The One Who Is Super Productive

It’s like they have something to prove that just because they’re hungover doesn’t mean they’re going to spend all day in bed. This person will study, clean, walk the dog, run their errands or whatever else productive people do, and make everyone feel bad about themselves.

#8 The Pretender

The hideously annoying person who pretends they feel fine. No one EVER FEELS FINE! These people are liars, do NOT trust them.

#9 The Person Who Ruined Their Life The Night Before

This person’s hangover is overshadowed by the fact that they drunk texted their ex, ruined every friendship they have left and smashed their phone screen. They will spend their whole day and the ones following, mourning their old life, until they go out again next weekend and do it all over again.

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