A Bird Box Sequel Is Happening And I’m Already Stressed For Sandy B And The Kids

I literally can’t look.

Get your blindfolds ready because Bird Box is getting a sequel. I don’t know whether to be happy or terrified.

With all the cooked memes and #BirdBoxChallenges flying around the internet, we might’ve forgotten that Bird Box was actually a smash hit. The Netflix film managed to rack up 45 million views in its first week. So we definitely should’ve seen a sequel coming.

Josh Malerman, the brains behind the 2014 novel of the same name (which inspired the 2018 adaptation), spilled the beans in an interview with Inverse that Netflix is working on a Bird Box 2.

“I cannot say much, but I can say that it is in development,” he said. “Sometimes it’s weird, all this secrecy, but I’m game.”

For those unfamiliar with the movie, or those who need a refresher, Bird Box follows mother-of-two Malorie Hayes, navigating the family through a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by creatures who – if  one seems them – have the ability to make people kill themselves instantly. Hence the blindfolds.

Sandra Bullock took the reins as Malorie, a performance many tried to recreate in the viral (but sometimes dangerous) Bird Box Challenge. It was a challenge so viral that Netflix had to issue a warning against people doing it.

Malerman is dropping the sequel to his Bird Box novel in a few weeks (July 21, 2020), so naturally, we’re hoping (and expecting) for it to give us a few hints as to what the cinematic sequel might include.

And if what limited information we’ve been given is gospel, it follows an equally (if not more stressful) trajectory than its original adaptation.

The book, at least, will be set 12 years into the future (17 after the ‘creatures’ appeared). Malorie’s kids – Olympia and Tom – are now teens who no longer just want to survive, but want freedom. Dun DUN.

A census-taker stops by their refuge and leaves a list of names – of survivors. Two of which are names Malorie knows. And this is where is gets juicy.

“Two names for whom she’ll break every rule, and take her children across the wilderness, in the hopes of becoming a family again…”

I am sweating.

If you want to remember exactly what goes down for Sandy B and the kids, you can watch Bird Box on Netflix now. But, tbh, I don’t think I can put myself through that again.

Image Sources: Twitter (Discussing Film)

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