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A Couple of Questions For The People Caught Hiding in Amy Shark’s Tour Bus

In case you missed it, Australia’s favourite darling do-gooder Amy Shark had discovered two stowaways hiding in the luggage carrier of her Europe tour bus a few days ago. She tweeted that the escapade was an attempt to cross the border to the UK.

Obviously, quite a shocking discovery, and it’s good no one was hurt or too traumatised by the whole ordeal. I can’t help but wonder, though. One can only assume that the two stowaways knew who the bus belonged to, given the huge ass picture of her and her name emblazoned on the side of it. Did they know what they were getting themselves into?

What was she like? Was the angel act a facade? Did her wide-eyed-jilted-Taylor-Swift-persona translate when face to face? Is she as adorkably insecure and cutesily humble as her social media channels make her out to be?

Any word on when Amy Shark will retire her strange half-beehive hairdo? Does she not find it even slightly uncomfortable singing the lyrics “I’d rather feel your teenage breath on me any day” as a 32 year old? Did your ears tire of hearing her rehearse her lyrics of aching schoolgirly ~feels~?

Apparently, upon their discovery, the stowaways wordlessly packed up their things and jetted off into the night. I, for one, could not be more curious of their experience on the Sharkmobile. Where are you, stowaways? Let’s chat.

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