A Definitive Ranking Of Every Impeccable Outfit Harry Styles Wore In The ‘Golden’ Music Video

Harry Styles is so powerful, he makes people want to work out.

Harry Styles has finally dropped the much-anticipated ‘Golden’ music video and it has already set the world on fire.

The music video for his Fine Line opener – and certified Bop™️ – dropped in the dead of night after many months of rumours and hype-building. And, goodness gracious great balls of fire, did it deliver.

Harry spends the video mucking around all over the the Amalfi coast in a wardrobe that is, truly, to die for. Whether it’s his billowing white button-down and vintage shorts, oversized, high-waisted floral flares and yellow fisherman hat, ‘swim trunks’, or a blue suit and beaded necklaces, the aesthetic really is as ‘Golden’ as Harry sings.

Wish such impeccable taste, it’s hard to decide which outfit reigns supreme above all others. But it’s only right that we try.

5th Place: The Swimming Trunks

It’s hard to say something was the ‘worst’, but for the sake of this list being valid, something had to be.

The swimming trunks (from New York-based menswear brand Bode), though an absolutely adorable aesthetic, were just that: adorable.

That’s not so say they were bad – in fact, I wish more men would wear vintage striped swimming trunks during summer – but they simply didn’t stand up to the power exuded from Harry’s other ‘fits.

Special mention, though, to the blue Éliou necklace (named after Harry himself) that was paired with the shorts. Plus, special kudos goes to his tattoo artists throughout the years for doing such marvellous work.

4th Place: Billowing, Barely-Buttoned Shirt + Shorts

The opening scene and opening outfit starts very strong.

An oversized white button-down = excellent; vintage-looking rugby-style shorts = marvellous; tattered white vans = brilliant.

It was impossible not to gawk at the almost pirate-style shirt (from Steven Stokey-Daley) that barely holds together as Harry sprints along the Amalfi roads. Oh, and the Bode shorts are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they’re sustainable, one-of-a-kind piece made of repurposed feed sacks.

We love to see it.

Another shout-our must be given to Harry’s tattoo artists (you folks really did a good job), and Harry for putting in that cardio work in Rome during lockdown. There is no way that someone should look that good while sprinting after a moving vehicle, but he does. Unreal.

3rd Place: Floral Pants And Fisherman Hat

I choked when I saw the ‘Golden’ single cover, and to see it come to life in this music video was an experience like no other.

Steven Stokey-Daley is responsible for sending fans into tail-spin with this one. The wide-leg, high-waisted floral pants are his design. And paired with the yellow fisherman style hat and Éliou ‘Golden’ necklace (a spin on the brand’s ‘All The Feels’ piece), it’s a work of art.

Paddington bear could never.

2nd Place: The Suit. The Suit. The Suit.

The suit trumps all not only because it is simply magnificent, but also because of the vibes and aesthetics exuded from its scenes.

It’s an ode to Harry’s love of Gucci, for sure. The bright turquoise jacket, matching stripe dress shirt,  tailored tartan flares, gloves, necklace, and the same tattered vans. It’s a fashion chef’s kiss.

More mismatching suits, please.

It’s not only the suit, for me. It’s the blazing Italian sunset that it’s set against, for me. It’s the daggy dancing and pure vibes Harry exudes while he wears it, for me. It’s the golden painted fingernails, for me.

1st Place: Those Crochet Gloves

I know it’s not an outfit, but god damn those crochet gloves deserve a moment. Sue me.

We first catch a glimpse of the gloves when Harry is cruising in a vintage convertible. The glove gracefully manoeuvres the wheel, and manoeuvres its way right into my heart.

Do not tell me that isn’t a vibe.

The gloves make another appearance paired with the blue Gucci suit and, honestly, I think they’re the key to tying the whole thing together.

I mean… ?.

Who would’ve thought that a pair of crochet gloves (that probably cost more than my rent) could be so powerful. But that’s the power of Harry Styles, and I’m not mad about it.

Driving gloves are, officially, the must-have accessory of the season. So, whether you’re on your P’s or got your license long ago, or you’re about to sit your first driving lesson, get yourself a pair. Your car has a glove box for a reason.

Image Sources: YouTube (Harry Styles)

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