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A Friendly PSA That Aldi Is Flogging Cheap AF Sustainable Goodies Tomorrow

Saturdays are for stockpiling.

I want to convert my entire existence into a sustainable, plastic-free mission but let’s be real, shopping sustainably isn’t the cheapest. $30 reusable produce bags seem a bit of a stretch when my bank account is dangerously approaching double digit territory.

But like the unexpected legends they are, Aldi have swooped in to save the goddamn day. They’re  flogging an entire range of sustainable (and necessary) items to kick start your zero-waste collection. Thank you Lord Aldi, I appreciate you.

So schedule it in your diaries or con your bestie into hoarding a whole heap of sale items for you. Go forth discount divas, claim your zero-waste goodies without breaking the bank.

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws – $3.49

This is a daylight robbery which I am not whinging about.

Reusable Silicon Kitchen Accessories – $3.99

A relatively new, zero-waste hack I’ve discovered – silicon, air-tight food coverings. Oh my, this colour scheme…I’m sold.

Stainless Steel Lunchboxes – $7.99

Stainless steel lunchboxes are no longer an exclusively food-blogger situation.

Benchtop Composter – $19.99

If $19.99 is the most you’re going to hand over tomorrow, may it be for a benchtop composter. Please. These bad boys come with 2 x filters and are suitable for veggie waste, eggshells, coffee grounds and teabags.

There’s More (!)

Scouring through Aldi you’ll also stumble upon some coconut candles, organic tea towels and a whole range of essential/organic food goodies (egg replacer, bread mixes and fudge brownie mixes) that will most likely make it into your cart without you even thinking twice.

If you can’t get your discount diva ass to Aldi tomorrow, con your friend into stocking up for you – I know mine already has.

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