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A Harry Potter Bedroom Range Is Here And We’re Sirius-ly Frothing

There are Gryffindor banners and Hufflepuff cushions. Floor rugs and wands and Hedwig night lights too. Clothes baskets and bed sheets adorned with glasses and golden scars and they’re bejewelled with tiny phoenixes and ravens.

It’s the full Harry Potter bedroom collection and it’s officially here. How riddikulous. 

It’s the Golden Snitch of bedroom decor and Potter-obsessed adults around the country are choosing to ignore the fact that it’s actually marketed for kids. These snotty nosed children just don’t understand how huge this is. Aussie purebloods are revelling in the magical madness and shamelessly adorning their rooms with Potter themed everything. 

Adairs warned us a few weeks back that something magical was coming and they were sirius-ly right.

It’s dumble-adorable and it’s selling out fast.

Get it before it’s McGonagall gone.

Image Source: Adairs Facebook, @adairs Instagram, @georgie_carroll Twitter, Giphy

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