A Mr G Series?! Chris Lilley, Don’t Tease Us Like This

First, there was Ja’mie, then there was Jonah. It’s about time the legendary Mr. G got a spin-off series. And would you believe that the man behind it all, Chris Lilley, says he’s keen to make it happen?

I mean, buddy, you’re not the only one who wants to go back to that drama class.

The one-man maker-of-comedy-gold was having a good old time on Reddit the other day and during an Ask Me Anything thread, one person asked the question we all want to know.

Would he ever do a Mr G spin-off? His response…

Yeah probs. They’ll all come back eventually.


What does that even mean?!

How were there no follow-up questions?!

Chris, you can’t leave us in suspense like that.

And although that was hardly what I would call a confirmation that any kind of spin-off is in production, it’s certainly confirmed that Lilley is down to bring back Summer Heights High’s best teacher.

Although, given the performance and reception of the previous spin-offs, maybe Luilley should leave Mr G on the [Summer Heights] high he is.

Actually, no, I want to how he has evolved as a performer. Has he found another budding starlet? (aka Celine 2.0)?

These are the questions that need to be answered.

In the same thread, he was asked about whether we could expect the second season of ‘Lunatics’ soon; however, he couldn’t give away any details. Mayeb the second season will be salvageable? Or is that destined for failure too?

“There’s something new on the way. But can’t say yet,” he said.

He also said he is considering doing a comedy tour featuring all of his characters, but needed to figure out how to bring them to life. And I can understand; going from Jonah to Ja’mie, to Keith to Jana would, likely, be a fair challenge.

So although he’s left us with more question than answers he has told fans that he’s 100% across and a fan, himself, of the memes his shows have created.

“I am obsessed with the memes and repost them constantly,” he said.

I’m amazed at how popular all of the meme pages are. And also cant believe how much work you all put into it. It makes my day every day.

When another user asked if he would bring back the OG ‘Summer Heights High‘ in some form, he definitely didn’t say no. If anything, he’s shown us even more how keen he is for a Mr. G comeback.

“Yeah I loved that show [SHH] too and would like to in some form. ‘Ja’mie: Private School Girl ‘ and ‘Jonah From Tonga’ were Summer Heights High spin-offs but there could be more…”


Anyway, can someone start a petition and GoFundMe to get Mr. G’s spin-off into production?

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