A North Pole Beluga Whale Has Been Playing Fetch With Rugby Fans And My Heart Can’t Take It

He’s asking us not to pollute his waters and I’m crying about it.

Trending on Twitter at the moment is the most adorable video of a wild beluga whale playing fetch with a group of South African rugby fans, near the North Pole. Someone on the boat has filmed the cutest video of the whale, swimming out to fetch a rugby ball and returning it to the boat, to continue playing.

The video which has 13.1 million views shows the whale getting super close and personal to the man throwing the ball. The whale is so gentle, and swims so close to boat, not wanting the man to stop playing. I’m not crying, you are.

People of Twitter are commenting on how emotional the video makes them. I guess it’s just so beautiful to see people connecting with a wild animal like that. And he’s just so damn cute.

Other people think maybe it is a sign that we need to be more eco-friendly and look out for our oceans. Maybe this good boy is trying to tell us something?

Other people are commenting on how the beluga whale can fetch a whole lot better than their dog can. And honestly, same.

About The Beluga

Beluga whales are special and super intelligent breeds of white whales and most of them live in the Arctic. According to the National Geographic, they can turn their neck’s in all kinds of directions, unlike other whales and rub up against rocks to shed their skin each year. Apparently their milk is also ten times richer than cows milk and they are usually around the size of a bus.

If this video isn’t enough to convince you of why we need to ban single use plastic, read our previous article on the topic. 

Image Sources: Twitter

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