A Pathologist Reckons Jeffrey Epstein Was Actually Murdered So Bring On The Conspiracies

I told you!

In what I personally would class as BREAKING NEWS, there’s been some crazy developments in the Jeffrey Epstein case that suggest he was actually murdered. I know all you conspiracy nuts are screaming “I told you so” but let’s be real – who actually believed it was suicide?

For those of you who don’t know much about Jeffrey Epstein – he’s basically a super rich guy with super rich friends who was involved in a lot of shady business. And by shady business, I mean he was paying underage girls to perform sex acts on him in his fancy mansions (among other things). Yikes.

Basically, when he died by suicide in his cell after being arrested, Trump implied Bill Clinton killed Epstein (what?!) and conspiracies began that Jeffrey Epstein was going to expose other powerful men for child sex trafficking. Coroners have been claiming that this is all BS because Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide – but now it looks like that’s not true.

So, Was It Murder Or Not?

Honestly, reading about Jeffrey Epstein is a wild right from start to finish. Michael Baden is a pathologist that was hired by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother (?!) to determine whether he really had died by suicide.

In an explosive update, Baden said the strangulation marks on Jeffrey Epstein were more consistent with homicide than suicide.

Baden told Fox & Friends that Epstein’s injuries where several neck bones had been broken were “extremely unusual for suicidal hangings” and that he’d never seen a suicide look like that in his 50 years of experience.

Other medical experts and coroners have condemned conspiracy theorists who believe Epstein was murdered on the grounds that his death was very obviously a suicide – but now it’s up in the air to be debated again.

What Exactly Is So Mysterious About Jeffrey Epstein?

He was extremely wealthy with little evidence as to how, for one thing. He started off with humble beginnings as a teacher (yikes again), but then ditched that and eventually joined an investment bank where he skyrocketed up and ended up managing the finances of Wexner, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret.

Despite Wexner being his only (apparent) client and there being limited evidence of him actually managing funds. he got very rich very quickly, to the point where he owned mansions and even an entire island. An island which, apparently, has a bunch of creepy sex dungeons. Yeah, I know, this just gets weirder with every second and we could talk about that island alone for days.

He was also friends with lots of powerful men, some of whom were accused of sex offences – including Trump and Bill Clinton. Trump actually told the New York magazine that Epstein “likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” Gross. And, Epstein also had plans to create a “baby farm” where he would spread his DNA… WTF.

If that wasn’t weird enough -apparently politicians were told to stop hounding Epstein because he’s “part of intelligence.” Yes, apparently a paedophile had links to the CIA.

So Epstein, who avoided prison for numerous sex crimes over the years, finally got done in and then died by suicide right after changing his suddenly changing his will? The whole thing is fishy, especially when it came out that no jail staff had been checking on him and there is no camera footage.

Please, There Has To Be More To This Story

Alas, this little article is hardly the place to fit the sheer amount of cracked stories surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. The basic summary is that Epstein had dirt on the rich and powerful so they murdered him to keep him quiet.

If you want to read more about Epstein, this Vox article is a good place to start. And when you’re done, you can head to YouTube for all the creepy theories around the child sex trafficking plane, sex dungeons, fake IDs and blood diamonds.

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