A Rhino Poacher Got Eaten By Lions So How’s That For Karma

It’s a well known fact that Africa is home to some of the world’s most iconic animals. It’s also well known that a lot of those animals are being poached and hunted for big game. Another well known fact is that the people who take part in poaching are some of the world’s biggest arseholes.

Well today, we have news that one of these arseholes received some pretty poetic justice. And look, let me make one thing clear — I’d never cheer for the unfortunate circumstances of another person, regardless of their deeds. But you get a slight feeling that this series of events is particularly… karmic.

On Monday 1 April, a group of poachers entered Kruger National Park in South Africa. Carrying unlicensed weapons and ammunition, the group illegally entered the park. Looking for rhinos, the group intended on hunting and poaching them for their horns.

According to police brigadier Leonard Hlathi, police had just received information that the men had entered the park when an elephant suddenly attacked, killing one.

“His accomplices claimed to have carried his body to the road so that passersby could find it in the morning. They then vanished from the park.”

And That’s Not All…

After the attack, the other poachers fled the park and contacted the deceased’s family, who then contacted police. When an attempt to find the man’s body failed, police returned the following day to a grisly discovery.

“Indications found at the scene suggested that a pride of lions had devoured the remains leaving only a human skull and a pair of pants,” said Isaac Phaahla, the general manager of communications for the Kruger National Park.

The shredded clothing of the deceased poacher.

Three men have been arrested in the KaMhlushwa and Komatipoort precincts, according to a statement released by South African police. Appearing in court on Friday 5 April, they have been charged on three counts: possession of firearms and ammunition without a licence, conspiracy to poach and trespassing.

In South Africa, more than 1000 rhinos per year were poached between 2013-2017, according to Save The Rhino. In 2018, rhino numbers dropped to 769. Kruger National Park is home to almost 80% of rhinos left in the world. To illegally and unfairly kill anymore is a horrific crime.

While it’s unfortunate that a man has lost his life, this will hopefully come as a warning to others considering poaching.

Image: South African Police Service.

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