A TikTok Chef Has Figured Out How To Whip Up Maccas Hash Browns And I Am Drooling

And it’s only got TWO ingredients.

Arguably, the best thing on the Macca’s menu is their hash browns. And, in lockdown, many of us may be missing the golden potato-y goodness.

Many have tried (and failed) to recreate the fast food fave until one TikTok user – and ‘Michelin star chef’ – gave it a crack. And, I’ve got to be honest, it looks pretty close to the real deal.

The genius behind the hack is TikTok user poppy_cooks, who shared her delicious and stupidly simple take on the Macca’s recipe with social media users.

And it’s only got two ingredients. One potato, and one egg (and a little salt, pepper, and oil). s

Get your Masterchef aprons out, friends, it’s time to Ready, Steady, Cook. I’ll be team Capsicum.

How To Do It.

First, get your ingredients out – one large spud and one large egg.

Grate the potato using a cheese grater (those death traps with the sharp holes perfect for grazing knuckles). Then pat down the shredded spuds with paper towel to soak up the excess moisture.

Next, Poppy put the potato onto a clean tea towel – “a little bit in at a time” – to wring out even more moisture. And you’ve really got to squeeze to get all the juice out – there’s a surprising amount.

Once you’ve got a dry potato, which is the secret to ultimate crispiness, crack the egg over the dry spuds and season with salt and pepper.

Give it a “good ol’ mush”, as Poppy says, then shape it with your hand into the iconic oval shape – or whatever shape you fancy.

Place the hash brown into a frying pan and cook it on a medium to low heat. Not high heat, tempting as it may be, but medium to low heat. And flip it when it’s golden brown on one side.

Finally, after it’s flipped and the other side is golden brown, tilt the pan so hot oil hits every bit of the potato beauty and gets it crispy all over.

And bone apple beef, Macca’s hash browns at home.

If the words don’t make sense, check out the TikTok here and give it a go yourself.

@poppy_cooksRecreating the McDonald’s hashbrown at home and it is SO easy. Who’s missing a Maccies rn? 🍟 ##fyp ##food ##recipe ##chef ##mcdonalds ##foodporn♬ Fast Food Song – CDM Project

I’m off to Woollies to find a bag of spuds.

Image Sources: TikTok (poppy_cooks)

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