A Venomous Spider Was Found In A Lady’s Ear And NOPE.

This is actually my nightmare.

Hello, and welcome to my nightmare.

A few days ago, a woman in the US was found to have an actual spider inside her EAR.

It’s a miracle that I’m managing to type this up considering the violent nausea that I’m currently feeling.

Susie Torres, from Kansas City, woke up one morning with some swooshing sounds in her ear. She actually didn’t think it was that much a big deal and thought maybe she just got some water in there. Eventually it got annoying though, and so later that day she went to the doctor… aaand then it got super gross.

The staff started to freak out a bit, got more people, and figured there’s def an insect in there.

Turns out, it was actually a brown recluse spider, which are actually extremely venomous. Like, the kind who’s venom will give you skin necrosis (do NOT Google image search) and require a fucking skin graft, or in extreme situations amputation. One guy told the Guardian that he legit nearly died from a bite because of organ failure. So yeah, that’s fucking terrifying.

Also, just so you know – this is what a brown recluse spider looks like:

Look upon me and remember the pains of thine own sins.

The one in her ear (!!!) was reportedly around the size of a dime (like 1.5cm) but honestly, I don’t care how small it was. I am still traumatised AF. Anyone else’s ear suddenly feel kinda weird?

Brown recluse spiders are apparently relatively chill in that you have to provoke them into biting you. She’s pretty lucky though, because the fact that it was wriggling around in there and didn’t bite is a miracle.

The poor woman said she’s “pretty terrified of spiders” so now I imagine she’s never going to sleep without ear plugs again. Or sleep in general.

Image Source: Wikimedia commons. 

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