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The Grammy’s Was Very Female, And It’s About Damn Time

With the immense backlash the Grammy’s Award Show has faced recently, this years’ proved at least one thing: the power of the female. And boy, did we need it… Last year’s show unfortunately sparked the hashtag ‘#GrammysSoMale’. And what did the president of the Recording Academy have to say about it? Neil Portnow suggested that: ‘women who have the creativity in their hearts and souls need to step up‘. Portnow later saved his ass and said the comment was taken out of context. Not sure what the context would’ve been otherwise but OKAY….


2019 saw the host, Alicia Keys, open the show standing alongside the powerful line up of Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Jada Pinkett-Smith. These electrifying females bounded together to talk about what music has done for them. Whether they were considered weird (Gaga), or it gave them a reason to dance (Lopez), or allowed them to express their pain, power and purpose (Pinkett-Smith). BUT The biggest and most wonderful surprise came from the former first lady herself:

That Was Just The Beginning Of The Show!

Cardi B became the first woman in the Grammys’ history to win Rap Album of the Year.  Alicia Keys performed playing two pianos at once (Sorry?!). Lady Gaga not only won three Grammy’s, but in one of her acceptance speeches, she acknowledged the importance of mental health. Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Golden Hour’ won Album of the Year. Dua Lipa won Best New Artist. Shall I keep going?

It’s about time that this highly controversial awards show actually reflected the dramatic evolution of popular music. As history would show us, the female is more than capable of stepping up when need be.

Image Source: CBS/Recording Academy

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