A Woman Bit Off A Guy’s Tongue While They Were Snogging

And you thought you’d had a bad kiss.

Okay, so this is wild. A woman in Detroit has been charged with aggravated assault after she bit off a solid chunk of a man’s tongue while they were kissing.

She had told him not to stick his tongue in her mouth but when he did anyway, she made sure he wouldn’t do it again.

Police rocked up to find the guy bleeding from his mouth and missing an inch of his tongue.


It’s okay, they found it in the bedroom and he’s in hospital, but holy shit, tongues aren’t very long. An inch feels like it would be about half of your tongue.

I mean, to be fair, he did shove his tongue in her mouth when she explicitly told him not to so like, power to her, I guess? Watch out sexual assaulters, our chompers are coming for ya.

The prosecutor involved with the case, Eric J. Smith, told reporters that it was the “first case of this nature in [his] 27 years in the prosecutor’s office.”

Honestly, you’d hope so.

There’s no word on how the guy’s tongue is or whether they managed to attach it but he’s probably going to have a little difficulty playing tonsil hockey in the future.

Image Source: GIPHY, NBC

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