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A$AP Rocky Was Arrested In Sweden For Gross Assault, And He Hasn’t Been Released

A$AP Rocky is in jail in Sweden, and no one knows what’s going to happen next

A$AP Rocky and three members of his crew were arrested in Sweden this week for assault and the US rapper is still being held in detainment with restricted visitation. There’s not been a set release date for him as well, leaving us all just like WTF is happening.

A$AP Rocky, also known as Rakim Mayers, got in a fight on Sunday in Stockholm, Sweden. Before the altercation, A$AP videoed the incident and posted it on his Instagram. His Insta video shows there was an issue he and his crew were aiming to deal with peacefully.

Reportedly, two men followed A$AP Rocky and crew for four blocks, despite specifically being told to leave them alone. A$AP claims he did not want any trouble to come from the interaction, but unfortunately that’s obviously not what panned out.

A video showing the rapper and a member of his crew basically tossing a man across the street followed by an intense brawl blew up on Twitter.

The video is definitely a bit startling, but rumours are bustling that the fight took place after one of the men following A$AP inappropriately touched another female.

“We don’t know these guys and we didn’t want trouble. They followed us for four blocks, and they were slapping girls butts who passed. Give me a break,” says A$AP Rocky in his Instagram caption.

Reportedly, the guys were following A$AP’s crew accusing one of them for breaking their headphones. A$AP claims one of the guys then hit a member of his crew with the headphones, and then this all broke out.

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All four people in A$AP Rocky’s crew were arrested on the spot.

A$AP claims he was totally innocent, however the video on Twitter shows otherwise. It’s deff a bit cringe-worthy  but we’re all still hoping he gets out of detainment soon.

Decisions on what precedes the arrest will be made this Saturday – although A$AP’s scheduled to perform in the UK and Dublin this weekend.

A$AP Rocky was in Sweden performing at Smash festival. The US embassy is involved in A$AP Rocky’s case, but TMZ reports Swedish police are limiting A$AP’s interaction with an attorney. Which, if that’s true, is totally fucked.

People are storming Twitter with #FreeASAPRocky. Even major rappers like Meek Mill and A$AP Mob have taken to social to defend A$AP Rocky.


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We’re still waiting to see what is to come for A$AP and his crew. However, reports have come out saying A$AP could be detained for weeks or up to 6 years. But, no one really knows yet. So stay tuned.

Image Source: A$AP Rocky Instagram. 

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