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Tan Wars Episode 1<\/span><\/a><\/td><\/tr>\n
<\/td> Blaire Marchand<\/span> -  20 October 2013<\/span>
Blaire investigates the world's obsession with fake tanning and gives us a few life long make up secrets every girls should stick by!<\/span><\/td><\/tr>\n<\/table>
<\/div>\n Horse Racing; It's More than Just Gambling<\/span><\/a><\/td><\/tr>\n
<\/td> Mike Simpson<\/span> -  3 October 2013<\/span>
Mike joins the 5Why team and kicks off with a rather controversial topic; horse racing. As a loyal carnival-goer, Mike looks at what horse racing is all about and why it is much more than just punters gambling. Do you agree with his defence of the races?<\/span><\/td><\/tr>\n<\/table>