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Melbourne Cuppery: Bringing People Together<\/span><\/a><\/td><\/tr>\n
<\/td>\n Mike Simpson<\/span> -  4 November 2013<\/span>
The first Tuesday in November, of every year in Australia is iconic. It's the Melbourne Cup and according to Mike, it's one of the only things that brings people together for one moment every year. Check out his thoughts and full race preview!<\/span><\/td><\/tr>\n<\/table>
<\/div>\n Horse Racing; It's More than Just Gambling<\/span><\/a><\/td><\/tr>\n
<\/td>\n Mike Simpson<\/span> -  3 October 2013<\/span>
Mike joins the 5Why team and kicks off with a rather controversial topic; horse racing. As a loyal carnival-goer, Mike looks at what horse racing is all about and why it is much more than just punters gambling. Do you agree with his defence of the races?<\/span><\/td><\/tr>\n<\/table>