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ACT Greens Push For Permanent Pill Test Sites, Supported By Literally Everyone But The NSW Government

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Gladys.

We’re all familiar with Ms Berejiklian’s iron fisted approach to young people and drug use. It’s nonsensical, it’s not a productive way of preventing drug related deaths and it all round sucks.

Thankfully there are other pollies who actually listen to medical experts and make decisions based on fact. Our favourite progressive peeps from the Capital have set their sights on pill testing getting a permanent home. Remember these guys legalised recreational marijuana use last month. Canberra is so woke, NSW honestly has got some catching up to do.

The man leading the ACT Greens first suggested a trial for a ‘static’ pill testing site almost two years ago. In that time, the territory has had mad success with pill test pop ups at Groovin. Shane Rattenbury is still leading the charge for effective drug prevention measures, and the reported recommendations from the NSW Coroner just confirm he’s on the right track.

It makes total sense to have a permanent place to test ya gear. As much as the NSW Government would like to keep pretending, music festivals are far from the only place that young’uns (or people in generally) get on it.

The worst part about Gladys arcing up with her misguided drug prevention views again, are her threats to bring back those insane music festival regulations we only just got rid of. Remember the ones that labelled fests ‘high risk’ with zero organiser consultation and charged huge last minute fees? The level of exasperation I have with this government, honestly.

The recommendations from the NSW Coroner investigation into several young drug-related deaths are still yet to be formally handed down. Let’s just hope the Libs actually listen to her instead of acting rashly. I’m not holding my breath.

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