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World’s Best Female Footballer Asked To Twerk After Historic Win And The Video Is Cringey AF

Ada Hegerberg has become the first woman in history to win the Ballon d’Or. This names her the best female football player in the world. The winner took the stage to accept her award and give her acceptance speech, encouraging young women to never give up and always believe they can reach their goals. However, what should have been Hegerberg’s proudest moment was quickly marred.

A bit of background, the Ballon d’Or is historically an award only awarded to male players. Since 1956, sports journalists have voted on their most exceptional male players. However, this year for the first time ever, female soccer players were recognised for their excellence in the sport. What is an historic step forward for women in sport has been tainted however, thanks to the actions of the DJ hosting the ceremony.

Martin Solveig, who was guest hosting the awards, turned to Hegerberg and asked if she can twerk. Her response was a simple, and incredibly unimpressed “No”. The stunned silence from the crowd is telling, as the host laughs at his own “joke”.

Check out the video below.

The whole thing is pretty damn disgusting really. You can practically see Ada thinking to herself “what the fuck was that.”

After years of training and hard work, Ada Hegerberg’s career was to culminate in becoming known as the first female footballer to win the Ballon d’Or. Instead, this moment has been tainted by this ridiculous comment made at her acceptance.

Martin Solveig has since apologised to Ada, and to the public for any offence he may have caused. Overall, the whole shambles really says a lot about how women in sport are perceived and how far we still have to go.

Opening up the Ballon d’Or to the women’s side is a great starting point for gender equality in sport. But Ada Hegerberg deserved more than this on her special night.

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