Adelaide Nightclub Refuses Entry To Sudanese And Aboriginals Because Of Race, And Is It The 1900s?

Yeah, not cool.

There’s a storm brewing, and it’s a worrying one at that. You’d think that being 2019 and all, that we’ve come a fair way when it comes to race and cultural acceptance. But alas, here we are with another straight up bullshit situation.

Over the past few days, claims have surfaced around Adelaide bar/nightclub The Signature Lounge not allowing entry to patrons of Indigenous or Sudanese descent. Or more essentially, people of colour as a whole.

More specifically, the main claim refers to a series of messages from (what it looks like anyways) security guards – detailing exactly how they would prevent certain people of colour entering the venue.

And these messages are only the start. There are further allegations against the venue (and management), with a Zimbabwean man claiming he was not allowed entry based on his ethnicity, and also further racist messages around this fucked up mindset of not letting in people to a venue purely based on race.

It’s a pretty messed up situation, and to be honest it’s crazy to think – if not surprising at all – that this still happens these days. And as you can imagine, after these initial messages concerning The Signature Lounge got onto social media, there has been an outpouring of anger from basically, well, everyone.

It’s a sad state of affairs, and the official Facebook page for the venue has received an absolute grilling since news broke – and to be honest it’s pretty deserved.

Images Sources: The Signature Lounge Facebook

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