Airbnb Is Paying For Your Dream Italian Vacay

Love pizza? Sorry, that was a stupid question.

Let me start again.

Want to spend three months drinking the finest vino and eating the freshest spaghetti in an all expenses paid Italian holiday? Yeah, I thought so.

Airbnb are slingin’ 4 lucky ducks an all expenses paid trip to the southern Italian town of Grottole in the country’s mountainous region of Basilicata. They’ll shout your accommodation and flights for three whole months as you experience an authentic rural Italian lifestyle, living among just 300 other locals in what is a once in a lifetime escape from reality.

Grottole certainly isn’t short of culture, history or tradition. Rather, it is in desperate need of people. Rapid depopulation in recent years has resulted in over 600 abandoned homes and there are fears that the town will soon fade off the map. In an attempt to breathe new life into the city, Airbnb have jumped on board with non-for-profit organisation Wonder Grottole to inspire more people to the town – hoping that some of them will fall so in love with the place that they’ll opt to stay (pro tip: this could be you).

You’ll spend most of your days learning how to cook authentic Italian food alongside local Rosa and growing fresh produce with farmer Andrea. You will also volunteer at Wonder Grottole to help the locals revitalise a city that’s nearly been lost.

It’s rather exuberant of Airbnb to be offering such an experience. We think it’s an attempt to muster up the positive PR they need in order to maintain a good reputation leading into the future. On the surface, Airbnb have brought a surge of tourism to big cities and small towns alike, encouraging huge injections of money into local economies (the benefits are obvs). But the uglier side to Airbnb is the inundation of housing markets by short stay holiday rentals. In effect this has increased property prices at an unbelievable rate, forcing residents to vacate their hometowns in search for more affordable digs.

Well Airbnb, if you insist… 

For more info and to sign up visit:

Competition closes Feb 17!


Image Source: Italian Sabattical Webpage, Giphy


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