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Airplane Etiquette: The Rules of Flying You’re Probably Breaking

There’s a decent chance you’ve been overseas in winter,  and if not an interstate summer break might defs be on the cards. It might have been to hard to resist not escaping to the cobbled streets of Europe, the highways of the USA, or even the sun-soaked beaches of south-east Asia.

When it comes to flying there are some unspoken airplane etiquette DONT’S. For example, eating your home packed tuna sandwich is a no (why do you have this in the first place?). But there are also other behaviours less obvious that may be in your best interest to avoid in order not to disturb the people on your flight.

Taking Your Socks Off (AKA Bare Feet)

First of all, GROSS! No one wants to see your feet. Add in potentially smelly feet, and well, some awkward conversations with the people around you might await. I can understand that when you’re in the air for hours you like to make yourself feel at home, but there are other reasons you might think twice before going barefooted around the cabin. For example, there have been former flight attendants that have revealed that the floor is filthy no matter how much they vacuum it before the flight – but I mean you don’t need them to tell you that when you can clearly see it with your own eyes.

Sitting The Entire Time

It’s not good for you for starters (especially if you’re on the pill), so whenever you’re awake try and move your legs, you can rotate your ankles and point and flex. Occasionally doing a walk around the plane, which also gives your body a chance to stretch and keep your blood moving. It also gives the people in your row especially if you sit on the aisle a chance to go to the bathroom and move around as well, avoiding the awkward shuffle past.

Do You Or Do You Not Wake the Person On The Isle To Go To The Bathroom?

It’s a tricky situation, and honestly there’s isn’t a right or wrong answer, but rather you’re going to have to judge the situation. You have a few options, one the shuffle past, two the uncoordinated hop over, but if those aren’t going to work you can always gently try and wake them long enough for you to slip out. If you’re still having no luck, and starting to get desperate for the bathroom, you can play some soothing music to rouse them or if worse comes to worse you always have the option to call the flight attendants for a helping hand (or shove).

Flying With Friends

There’s nothing wrong with flying with friends or a partner, it’s usually a super fun experience. Watching films together, comparing those scrumptious aeroplane meals etc. But it’s important you remember where you are. As much as it’s important to enjoy yourselves, don’t forget there are others on the flight that may not be interested in hearing about your social life or what you’re planning to do to each other when you get to your couple suite.

Lights Off

It’s probably best not to keep the light on when the rest of the plane is sleeping, even if you are up to the best part of your book. Not only can it be extremely annoying for the people trying to sleep around you it’s also in your own best interests to try and adjust to your next destinations time zone. On the same page don’t be the cabin pain in the butt by making the attendants constantly come over and ask you to open your windows at take-off and landing, or constantly reminding you to fasten your seat. You don’t want to be that person.

Stay In Your Own Space 

There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re flying then having someone encroaching on your already limited personal space. So be mindful of where you put your legs and bags. People can get pretty heated over small things when they have been confined to small spaces for hours on end, so simply live by the rule of acting the way you want the people next to you to act.

Image Source: NBC

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