Alabama Woman Shot And Charged With Death Of Her Unborn Child (Shooter Walks Free)

The shooter escaped without charge.

A woman in Alabama has been charged with manslaughter after her unborn child died as a result of a fight with another woman. The fight occurred back in December of 2018, when a scuffle broke out between two women, allegedly over the father of the child. During the fight, Ebony Jemison pulled out a gun and shot Ms. Jones – resulting in the death of the unborn child.

Jones was 5 months pregnant at the time.

What’s absolutely baffling about the case is that the woman charged, 28 year old Marshae Jones, is being sent to prison for the death of her unborn child despite being shot by another individual. The shooter was initially charged with manslaughter – because she did indeed shoot Ms. Jones – but a grand jury failed to indict her. The shooter has walked away, unscathed, whilst the victim is sent to prison.

It would appear that Alabama’s pregnancy laws are so inherently flawed that once a woman falls pregnant, her rights are basically denied. Despite how morally complex cases involving unborn children are, it remains fundamentally wrong to criminalise pregnancy.

There’s controversy surrounding who the aggressor was, with some reports saying Ms. Jones initiated the fight. Nonetheless, that’s not the disturbing part to this story. Why is Alabama routinely overlooking the rights of mothers? News of this charge comes only weeks after Alabama passed an abortion law that virtually makes the act illegal. It’s dubbed the country’s most conservative law and frankly, it’s abhorrent and ethically wrong.

Many are up in arms about the charge, including advocacy group, Yellowhammer Fund. The case has instigated enormous outcry across Alabama and arguably the world as Alabama continues to enforce extremely unyielding laws over mothers of unborn children.

It’s obviously a complex case, adding to huge dissatisfaction with Alabama’s highly conservative legal system.

Sources: @YellowFund, @JohnArchibald. 

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