Alarming Footage Has Emerged Of Ezra Miller Choking A Fan And Throwing Her To The Ground

Miller says “did you want to fight?” as he chokes her.

Content warning: the article contains content that may be distressing and/or triggering to some.

A shocking video has emerged showing Ezra Miller choke a female fan and throw her body to the ground.

The actor (who uses they/them pronouns) can be seen approaching the young woman and saying “did you want to fight? That’s what you wanna do?”. They clasp a hand around her throat, push her against the back of a truck, before pulling her to the ground and standing over her.

The short clip is below.

Again, a word of warning, it is confronting and may be triggering to some.

It has been alleged by some that the female fan approached Miller jokingly asking for a fight after spotting them in Iceland. And while, initially, the video seems to be a harmless joke – the woman is smiling and casually swinging her arms – after Miller throws her to the ground, the person recording the video (the fan’s brother, it’s claimed) sounds concerned and rushes over to her.

Beyond the 14 seconds, it is unclear when the video was taken or what happened afterwards. But some users have accused Miller of spitting on the fan, the fan’s brother, and a third person (a bartender or the brother’s friend) who intervened.

But the lack of context hasn’t stopped fans and Twitter users criticising Miller’s actions.

Actor Diego Tinoco, who plays Cesar Diaz in Netflix drama On My Block, has criticised Miller for the “insanely inhuman” treatment.

Miller was set to star in an upcoming DCEU film revolving around the character Barry Allen, The Flash. Many have called for the role to be recast.

Miller, or a representative, is yet to make comment on the incident. But something must be said, this can’t go unacknowledged.

If this story was upsetting or triggering to you, reach out for help. Contact Lifeline (13 11 14) or Beyond Blue; and, in an emergency, call ‘000’.

Image Sources: Twitter (@ezramillercom; @hiddlespidey)

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