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Aldi Are Selling These Glass Vase Succulents For $14.95 So You Can Be Boujee On A Budget

I’ll take eight.

We all need a bit of distraction during the current world we’re living – and our German grocery lords are here to help. That’s right folks, Aldi are feeding your developing love for all things plant and gardening with this cute set of succulents in a glass vase.

I mean there’s probably a good chance that you treat your indoor plant collection better than you ever would a physical child, and these cheap buys are a fab new addition.

And I know what you’re thinking “m888 I can get succies from Bunnings for like $5-$10 easy”. But if you look a little closer, these succulents are a bit more fancy, with two or three different types in each vase.

Not to mention the glass vase – which, although it just does look like a slightly more sturdy wine tumbler, if a nice little feature.

Combine it will some pebbles for the look, and these bad boys are ready to go straight into your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom – honestly they’re so versatile – and I love that for us.

Succulents are the best type of plant too. Although they’re obviously not going to experience any epic plant-mum growth, they honestly require the least maintenance.

Just a quick spray of water every now and then, and you’ll be sorted. So even if you’ve tried and failed with your plant addiction during isolation thus far – these friendly succies are the perfect start-again.

The new range, which comes in four different designs, is available this Wednesday in Aldi stores, with each retailing at $14.95.

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