Aldi Is Flogging Bizarre But Very Necessary Camping Stuff This Week

The moon and the sun have aligned, children. Easter and Anzac Day fall on consecutive weekends this year, meaning long weekends, mid-week public holidays, and a solid excuse to melt into your couch whilst your adulting responsibilities disappear… for a few short-lived days, anyway.

(These well-deserved breaks from reality will also be enjoyed, of course, amidst celebrations and tributes that honour the purpose of these public holidays in the first place).

So, in light of this magnificent calendar arrangement, Aldi have swooped in on the goodness with their Special Buys offer that really is the icing on the cake. Whether you’re planning a sneaky Easter getaway, or you’ve allocated four days of Netflix binging in a dimly-lit room, Aldi has your lounging attire sorted and it may not be entirely up there with the most fashionable, Gucci shit you’ve seen, but it’s the most ingenious and innovative.

Sleeping Bag Onezee

Introducing: the sleeping bag onezee.

Features include: side ventilation for your legs (for the clammy, nervous sweat we get from those thriller flicks), dual zipper access and removable feet (for footsies with bae, obvs). Get your chocolate-stained mitts on one of these fully insulated suits of cosiness for just $49.90. It’s a daylight robbery worth skipping your Saturday hung-brunch for.

Pop-Up Tents

If the sleeping bag onezee was the icing on the cake, these four- and six-person tents are the gold-encrusted, chocolate flakes atop a generous lapping of chocolate glaze. Your Easter getaway is about to go from 0 (and basic) to 10 (and boujee) in one hot transaction. These pop-up tents will have you avoiding verbal assaults with your mates over which peg goes where. It’s the glue to your friendship, really, and your getaway needs it. Backyard campouts work too, of course.

Wildlife Camera

Alright, this is the most bizarre piece of early 2000s-inspired tech I’ve ever seen. According to Aldi, the Wildlife Camera is new-age videoing, people. Strap it to an Aussie gum and await the ‘gram-worthy vids that’ll have peeps mistaking you for Sir David in no time. iPhone and Samsung lovers eat ya heart out.

You’ll find the masterpiece of puffy warmth in the aisle beside all the bizarre cereal cheap-takes and $3 quality chardies. Find the tents and Wildlife Camera somewhere in the middle, thrown in among the electric fly-swatters and tragic ‘retro’ bicycles that last all but two unenjoyable bike rides. Heck Aldi, you’re weird but you do good.

Image Source: Aldi, Giphy. 

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